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Welcome to Capt. Dave’s: Oceanside Whale Watching Guests

Experience nature like never before with us at Capt. Dave’s. Based in Dana Point, California, our aquatic safaris take place in the Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World®! Dana Point Harbor will take your enjoyment of the pristine waters of Southern California to the next level. Unlike other SoCal harbors, Dana Point is completely unobstructed from tall buildings, big ships, or oil rigs. Allowing our guests to truly engage and be present with marine life, like never before.

Encounter marine life at the very first Whale Heritage Site established in the Americas. Dana point allows responsible whale watching, exciting dolphin sightings, and so much more. Choose your 5-star cruise, book with us today!

We’re the Best

How do we know that you will absolutely love your whale watching experience? Well, it’s because we are totally confident that we are the best company, beautifully nestled in the best location, Dana Point. In addition to being located at the first Whale Heritage Site in the Americas, our location also has the largest wild dolphin population of anywhere in the world. So, there is a high probability that our guests will see dolphins or whales!

With amazing weather all year round, our Oceanside guests can have the benefit of whale watching anytime they please. Dolphins are excited to see our boats. They know that we are safe and friendly. Most times, local dolphins will be so excited to see us that they will come right over to us! In the unlikely event—zero whales or dolphins—you can return within one year from the date of the trip for a FREE (Signature Safari, daily public whale watching trip).

We are Experts

From our boat captions to our marine wildlife naturalists and every team member in between, we are experts in the industry. Our knowledgeable staff is able to ensure both our guests and the wildlife are safe and happy. At Capt. Dave’s, we are passionate about animals. We are proud holders of the WCA Responsible Whale Watching Certification.

With occasional guest experts from Sea & Sage Audubon Society on our team, our whale watching experiences have educational aspects for Oceanside guests to enjoy. Making them perfect for school field trips, homeschool field lessons, and so much more. If you’re looking for great options to learn and explore simultaneously, we’ve got you covered.

We Have the Best Boats

Our entire fleet of boats are safe, clean, and ready to go. At Capt. Dave’s, we are the proud owners of the world’s ONLY underwater viewing pod for dolphin and whale watching. Our boats are specifically designed for dolphin and whale watching. Providing a safe and enjoyable experience for both our guests and marine life.

With over six boat options to choose from, our guests can take their pick from a variety of options. Take your pick from high speed, intimate, or relaxing. We make it a mission to ensure Oceanside whale watching guests have a wonderful and memorable adventure.

Our boats are spacious and shaded. Offering more than enough space for anyone on board and protection from the sun. Yup, that’s right. You can enjoy your experience without having to be snuggled up to a stranger or uncomfortably burnt by the harsh sun.

One of a Kind Experience

Whether you’re experiencing a cruise with us for the first time or tenth, our 5-star rated experience is one of a kind! Sightings are guaranteed and returning guests are greeted with a customized sign. Best of all, Mrs. Capt. Dave’s absolutely delicious Triple Fudge Brownies are available for all to enjoy.

While our Oceanside whale watching guests book with us in the hopes to have a mind-blowing experience, they also book with us to have a superb customer service experience. At Capt. Dave’s, we delightedly offer both of these things. We promise, we don’t just talk the talk but we also walk the walk. Take a look at what past guests have to say for themselves. Check out our reviews on TripadvisorGoogle MapsYelp, and more!

Passion for Marine Life

It’s no secret that our entire team is passionate about marine life. Our boats go in the water for one purpose and one purpose alone. A safe, fun, and exciting adventure for Oceanside whale watching guests. At Capt. Dave’s, our boats are not fishing boats and they never will be. Our crew is knowledgeable about wild dolphins and whales in Southern Californiagray whales, and so much more.

While exploring with us, you can be confident that our passionate experts are ready for anything that comes their way. The sad truth is, sometimes whales become entangled in nets, fishing lines, and worse. However, Captain Dave is a trained member of a disentanglement team. The passionate marine lovers on our team will do everything in their power to ensure the safety of each whale and dolphin they come across.

Is This Family-Friendly?

Absolutely! Come one, come all. We happily welcome all ages. Many beautiful families enjoy whale watching together. Both parents and children have an opportunity to learn and observe marine life up close. If you have any questions or concerns about bringing children along with you on one of our cruises, please feel free to reach out to us. You can give us a call at 949-488-2828.

Experience Dana Point Whale Watching

Come and experience a unique dolphin and whale watching safari with us at Capt. Dave’s! Alongside making sure all of our Oceanside whale watching guests are safe and educated, our team will also ensure that everyone has a great time.

If you want to observe marine life in a respectful and fulfilling way, our cruise is exactly what you’re looking for. During our safari’s there are no restrictive tanks or forced entertainment. All there is you, the water, and the animals – on their terms. Book your whale watching experience at Dana Point today!