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  • Limited Edition Cruise
  • Up to 6 Guests

Whale Geek Safari

Capt. Dave's Dana Point Whale Geek Safari is an exclusive and intimate adventure! This cruise offers a special focus on the beautiful whales that can be seen year-round off of Dana Point, the World's Whale Capital®.

Quick Details

Users Capacity: Up to 6 guests

Dollar Price: $155 per person

Adult (13 & up)
Child (1 - 12)

About Capt. Dave’s Dana Point Whale Geek Safari

If you love whales and crave an exclusive, intimate cruise to view them up-close, then our limited-edition Whale Geek Dana Point whale watching cruise is ‘fintastic’ for you! This memorable extended safari focuses on showing you the magnificent year-round whales that live near Dana Point. Of course, we’ll be on the open ocean, so other marine wildlife, including dolphins, sea lions, pelagic birds, sharks, and other fish, could also be seen.

On Capt. Dave’s Dana Point Whale Geek Safari, you’ll have a chance to get up-close and personal with the largest creatures on the planet without inhibiting their natural behavior. Our knowledgeable marine naturalists will take you on a deeper dive into the lives of these gentle giants; what they do, where they go, and the threats, both natural and man-made, that they face.

At the conclusion of your special safari, we hope you’ll enjoy not only a greater understanding of whales and other sea life but also one of Mrs. Capt. Dave’s yummy triple fudge brownies!

Capt. Dave’s Dana Point Whale Geek cruise carries no more than six guests, plus our experienced Captain and First Mate – providing an intimate and relaxed environment for everyone.

Whale watching & dolphin cruise boat ORCA

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My stepdad and I participated in the Whale Geek Safari on 1/18/20; we enjoyed the intimate nature of the Orca vessle. On this special trip, there were five guests, fantastic Captain Craig, and the incredibly knowledgeable first mate, Naturalist Cheryl. What an amazing adventure for everybody! As a novice photographer, I loved the amazing access to animals. I will definitely go back to Captain Dave's. In particular, I really hope to participate in a second Whale Geek Safari with a small group on the Orca. What an amazing trip! I'll remember it for the rest of my life. Thank you, Captain Craig and Naturalist Cheryl!

– Melissa U.

About the Yacht

ORCA is a 38-foot upscale motor yacht with a fast cruising speed to quickly carry you out to the whales during Capt. Dave’s Dana Point Whale Geek Safaris. Her beautiful interior includes ample cushioned seating, two staterooms, two bathrooms, and a fully appointed galley. You can experience a personal connection with the animals while on the bow, enjoy panoramic views while comfortably seated in the fully enclosed bridge, or breathe in the refreshing ocean air on the covered aft deck.

Our Whale Geek Dana Point Whale Watching Cruise Has a Wealth of Whales to See!

Dana Point is the Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World® and a certified Whale Heritage Site by the World Cetacean Alliance.

November through May, you may spot several species of large baleen whales, Gray whales making their long migration to and from Baja, playful humpback whales here to feed, a resident population of fin whales (the second largest whale in the world), and minke whales.

During the spring and summer months, blue whales (the largest animal on earth) visit Dana Point waters in large numbers to feast on krill.

Though scientifically considered to be dolphins, rare “whales” such as killer whales, pilot whales, and false killer whales can also be seen at any time during the year on Capt. Dave’s Dana Point Whale Geek Safari.

Reserve your space on our Dana Point whale watching cruise and get ready for your Whale Geek Safari!

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If you’re looking for whale watching near Dana Point, we guarantee you’ve never experienced anything like this. Our exclusive underwater glass viewing pods put you face to face with some of the largest creatures on earth! Book your seat today!

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