Gift Certificates

Give an unforgettable EXPERIENCE

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  • Dolphin & whale watching gift certificates can be redeemed any time throughout the year.

Dolphin and whale watching gift certificates are the perfect gift idea!

Gift your family, friends, or even yourself with an experience they (or you) will cherish forever when you purchase gift certificates for any of our up-close and personal dolphin and whale watching safaris aboard our customized, eco-friendly, catamarans. Gift certificates can be used any time during the year!

The gift certificates can be conveniently purchased online and emailed immediately to the recipient of your choice.

Be sure to purchase a gift certificate, and share the experience with a friend or family member today!

Why gift an experience?

Siblings wearing Santa hats on a boat

What if you could give something far more memorable, that will make more of a lasting impression, than a pair of snazzy socks, and a box of chocolates? Give your loved ones something that science states is far more meaningful than “things”. Studies shows that experiences strengthen relationships and also provide more happiness! Read our blog post, Why Do Experiences Make the Best Christmas Gifts?