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Zodiac Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari

A super fast, smile-plastered-to-your-face ride for small groups of up to 12 guests to enjoy animals within arm's reach!

Quick Details

  • Zodiac = Rigid Hull Inflatable Catamaran
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Faster, more intimate tour
  • Smaller Groups of 12
  • Additional Safety Guidelines

A Fast Cat Whale & Dolphin Watching Safari

Fast Cat is our upscale zodiac (rigid hull inflatable catamaran) perfect for adventurous types seeking a small group tour that has you incredibly close to the ocean’s surface and within arm’s reach of wildlife. Grab your GoPro and hop aboard this fast and fun dolphin and whale watching excursion in Dana Point, with up to 12 passengers, for an intimate two-hour look at Southern California’s year-round whales and dolphins.

With speeds up to 30 knots, you spend less time looking for animals and more time enjoying them! U. S. Coast Guard inspected and certified for safety. Features heavily padded seats and large sunshade. During this narrated whale watching tour, learn more about Dana Point’s year-round magnificent whales, dolphins, sea lions, sharks, birds, and more. And Mrs. Capt. Dave’s famously yummy Triple Fudge Brownies are served.


fast cat zodiac charter
  • Chevron down Important Safety Information
  • Minimum Age

    The minimum age on public trips is 8 years old. On private charters the minimum age is 4 years old.

    Health Conditions

    Because of the high speed and fun but bumpy ride passengers should be in good overall health. We do not allow anyone who has head, neck, or back injuries, is pregnant, or has any current problem that could be aggravated by this type of ride.

    If you have disabilities, or are not able to meet any of these conditions, please consider a Dolphin & Whale Safari aboard one of our larger catamarans instead. Or, feel free to contact us to learn which boat will be best for your needs.

    Coast Guard Weight Information

    Safety is our priority. Fast Cat is the first U. S. Coast Guard inspected and certified RHIB (zodiac) in Orange County. Due to Coast Guard regulations, guests weighing more than 185 pounds may not be accommodated on this boat.

    If you exceed the weight limit, please contact us or consider a Dolphin & Whale Safari aboard one of our larger catamarans instead.

    Ocean Spray

    Fast Cat is very low to the water, and as a result, you may encounter ocean spray. Please keep electronics, camera equipment, and any other items you don’t want wet secure while the boat is underway. You’re welcome to bring a GoPro, and to prevent loss or damage, please do not attempt underwater filming until after the boat has slowed down and your Captain gives the OK.

    Personal Items

    Fast Cat has ample cushioned seating for all passengers. However, space for stowing belongings is not available. Please do not bring over-sized bags or coolers; limit what you bring to only what you can fit on your lap. Waist-packs, mini backpacks, and small camera sling bags are good examples of what to carry your belongings in.

    Food & Beverages

    Because this vessel offers a fast and bouncy ride, plastic bottle beverages that can be closed and easy-to-eat dry snacks that won’t be swept away by the wind, such as granola bars or cookies, are recommended. To prevent spills please do not bring open cans of drinks.


    Although there is no bathroom on Fast Cat, there are restroom facilities nearby on land that are available to use before boarding.


    Capt. Dave’s Fast Cat has a very low center of gravity. For guests concerned about feeling seasick, this means the boat might feel more comfortable.