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Whale Watching Anaheim

Did you know that Captain Dave’s Whale Watching offers whale watching tours for Anaheim residents and visitors? America’s favorite mouse with a cheerful song and a smile isn’t the only friendly face you’ll see when visiting Anaheim. That is right! Whale watching near Anaheim means having the opportunity of seeing smiling dolphins ride at the bow of our boats, looking up at passengers with their sweet, built-in smiles. Swimming at top speeds as if racing our boats they are in a race is a humbling sight to see! Being splashed by a dolphin is considered lucky, and with hundreds of dolphins showing off in front of the boat, some may say that you should skip the lines at the city’s top attractions because whale watching Anaheim is the most exhilarating ride in town.

Dolphin and whale watching with Captain Dave’s offers several tour options:

All of Captain Dave’s tours are never crowded and offer comfortable seating.

Whale Watching Anaheim at Dana Point

Whale Watching Anaheim Cruise


When it comes to whale watching near Anaheim, every day is a great day to see whales, and Captain Dave’s 2.5-hour ocean cruises are the best in Southern California! Scheduled every day of the week on our spacious catamaran sailboat Manute’a, we provide two exclusive Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods that allow close-up viewing of undersea fish and ocean mammals. You’ll quickly see why this is our most popular tour!

Zodiac-Style Dolphin & Whale Watching

Whale Watching Near Anaheim Tour


Aboard our high-speed Zodiac-style (rigid hull inflatable) boat, you can get within arm’s reach of the most amazing ocean wildlife on Earth! If you’ve previously avoided whale watching tours because of concerns about seasickness, our boats’ heavily padded seats and low profile will make you feel very comfortable.

Private Cruises with Captain Provided!

Anaheim Whale Watching Tours


If you’re searching for a private whale watching Anaheim cruise, Captain Dave’s wide variety of boats that can be rented along with a Coast Guard-certified Captain. Choose from motor yachts,  Zodiac-style boats, a catamaran sailboat with exclusive eye-to-eye underwater viewing pods, and more!

Need a place to rest your fatigued flukes during your whale watching Anaheim adventure? Looking for a tasty treat to feed the whole pod?

Moderate and temperate weather invites a worldwide audience into the Los Angeles area each year, and Anaheim takes center stage regarding what to do and where to go. Check out our list of what to do and where to go below for all the top things you’ll want to check off your list while you are on your next whale watching Anaheim vacation.

Anaheim Experiences

Visit Griffith Observatory During Whale Watching Anaheim

Anaheim Hotels

Woman relaxing in a hotel after whale watching near Anaheim pool

Anaheim Eateries

Mickey Mouse Shaped Treats Enjoyed During Anaheim Whale Watching Tours

Why Choose Captain Dave’s for Whale Watching Near Anaheim?

There is no better time to book a trip to the Southern California Coast right now! Whether you’re just landing near Anaheim, deciding on a stopover, or already living nearby, Anaheim is a hub for fun things to do. Naturally, we think that the number one thing on your list should be whale watching! Where better to book a whale watching near Anaheim trip than at Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari! With the largest mammal on the planet visiting during the summer and the only mud-sucking crustacean-eating whale visiting during winter through spring, whale watching Anaheim is popular amongst locals and travelers alike.

We hope that with these tips and tricks, you’ll have an incredible vacation in Anaheim, and we will see you soon on your upcoming whale watching near Anaheim!

The Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World® is at Dana Point, and when you book your trip with Captain Dave’s, whale and dolphin sightings are guaranteed! Contact us today to reserve your tickets and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime!