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Marriage Proposal Ideas and Ways to Say “I Do” at Sea

A couple in love standing in front of a sunset near the ocean for a marriage proposal or a wedding at sea

The marriage proposal.  For something so important in your life, let Capt. Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari take some guesswork out of the equation so you can create the most memorable marriage proposal ideas and stunning backdrop for your most memorable day!

A marriage proposal is made up of two of the smallest words, comprised of just 3 letters that have the significance of the most life-changing verbal commitments you can make in life. It is quite simply one of the most important decisions we make regarding love. “I do” is an action. It’s a statement, and it’s a promise. No two words have the same meaning. Masterfully creating the perfect way to “pop the question” to your loved one takes careful planning, a lot of effort, and possibly searching through endless ideas to propose marriage. This moment is never forgotten.

“Thank you for trusting us to make this such a magical experience”

– Captain Gary Brighouse

The Importance of the Marriage Proposal

The sea represents vastness, eternity, and the unknown. Seeking adventure and excitement as you commemorate your special moment in life, combined with the element of surprise of what you may see while out on the water, is the perfect combination for an unforgettable moment in your relationship. As the sun sets over the calm waters, the gentle rocking of the boat serves as a reminder that life is full of ups and downs. But with your commitment to each other, you know that you can weather any storm. It signifies your willingness to explore uncharted waters and face any challenges that may come your way.

“Thank you Captain Dave’s Crew!
I cannot say enough about Captain Dave’s Dolphin Safari! My girlfriend and I are repeat customers and have taken multiple trips on several of the boats over the last 10 years. Always a great time! They know their stuff and genuinely care about and respect the animals and you! Yesterday, I hired my first private charter for us on the ORCA. We had a great captain and a marine biologist on board and it was one of our best trips ever. So much amazing sea life, a beautiful cruise on the ocean, and the day also included my proposal in the company of dolphins and Gray whales! She said yes, and I can’t thank the team and crew enough for helping to make it all perfect! We will be back soon! We can’t wait!”

– Case7787, Tripadvisor

A couple toasting Champagne in front of a sunset near the ocean for a marriage proposal or a wedding at sea

Proposing at Sea

Public Cruises for a Marriage Proposal

Do you prefer a crowd surrounding you, filling the space with cheers after you pop the magical question, “Will you marry me?” We’ve got you covered for your special day aboard any of our public cruises. Would you like to celebrate this special occasion with new friends you make on a public whale watching trip and have our captain announce the news over the loudspeakers? We can do that! Creating memories that will last a lifetime while surrounded by nature’s purest beauty creates an unforgettable experience. A mid-day Sea Breeze Lunch Harbor Cruise, a sunset Sounds of Summer Concert Cruise, or a fun-filled Dolphin and Whale Signature Safari with dolphins cresting through the waves around you or seeing a whale breach while you’re down on one knee is the perfect backdrop for ensuring your proposal is remembered by everyone involved (including us).

Private Charters for a Marriage Proposal

Does a private yacht charter with just your special someone seem like one of the best ideas to propose marriage? We can do that too! When you rent a boat, you can also invite family or friends to join the marriage proposal celebration. We are honored to be a part of such an exciting time in your life and are here to help you create the perfect marriage proposal ideas and moments for you and your family or families. Contact our outstanding reservation team today to brainstorm how you will hear the news that will forever change your life. We know you have many ideas to propose marriage, but allow us to help you with the smaller details to capture the big day!

Here are a few marriage proposal ideas if you want to private boat charter:

If it’s just you and your soon-to-be fiancé, then a private yacht charter on our upscale motor yacht “ORCA” is a great choice for a marriage proposal at sea. ORCA is also an excellent choice for a couple wanting to be married at sea during an intimate ceremony with just a few friends or family members.


Whale watchers having fun on Motor Yacht ORCA


If you want to say “I do” at sea with a group of family and friends of up to 20 people, then a private boat rental of our catamaran “DolphinSafari” is an economical option. This vessel is fantastic for medium-sized groups wanting a fun and casual wedding at sea. DolphinSafari is also a great option for couples wanting a marriage proposal with extra elbow room.

Dolphins surround Capt. Dave's whale watching catamaran DolphinSafari


Our upscale power catamaran “Hoku Nai’a” is perfect for medium to large wedding at sea ceremonies of up to 149 guests. Our 65-foot, double-deck vessel is a marvelous match for those wanting a more formal dining experience thanks to her surfboard tables with bench seats, illuminated bar top, large buffet, and two barbecue grills barbecues onboard.

Hoku Nai'a sunset private boat charter in front of Dana Point Headlands


Reserve a Private Charter

“So give me your forever

Please your forever

Not a day less will do

From you”

~ Ben Harper ~

At Capt. Dave’s, we have been blessed with the opportunity to support couples as they share the excitement of finding out the gender of their little one on the way too! Our captains and crews are ready to help you celebrate this extraordinary time with you, so please let us know how we can best support you in creating the perfect marriage proposal ideas and moments for you and your family as you uncover the thrill of the unexpected! At Capt. Dave’s, we have the opportunity to allow you to choose how you want to hear this news.

“We had a couple that wanted their gender reveal to be special, so they trusted us with announcing it for them. We waited to announce it until we were surrounded by hundreds of dolphins. It was a very magical moment for both the couple and the crew. We were so honored that we got to be part of such a special memory for this couple.”

– Caitlyn Neiblas, Captain/Photographer

Whale Watching in Dana Point

A humpback whale jumping out of the Pacific Ocean near Dana Point, California

Whale watching in Dana Point, California, the Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World®, is available all year, but certain seasons bring about different visitors. As with so many things in life, the most simple truths are the most important. Just as giving or receiving a marriage proposal is life-changing, seeing whales is one of those moments that forever changes your life. These animals are magnificent in all shapes, species, and sizes!

Going whale watching is one of the top ideas to propose marriage because whale watching happens all year in Dana Point, California. That is right, due to moderate weather all year, our safaris are available every month, no matter the day you choose! Unlike most other whale watching locations in the world, California is one of the sunniest states in the United States, with more than 275 days of pure sunshine every year, making trips out on the water comfortable and enjoyable. Book your Dana Point whale watching excursion with us, and create the most meaningful marriage proposal on ANY day that works for your schedule.

As a bonus, during your unforgettable marriage proposal, you could see more than whales and dolphins! A myriad of marine animal sightings can be seen on a trip that may surprise most passengers! From a breaching baleen whale to catching a glimpse of thousands of dolphins and possibly a swordfish, shark, or turtle during your Dana Point whale watching marriage proposal idea! With huge numbers of whale and dolphin species, off the coast of Dana Point, you will have the opportunity to capture sightings of blue whales, fin whales, humpback whales, Bryde’s whales, sei whales, and minke whales plus dolphin species such as common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, and Pacific white-sided dolphins. You might get very lucky and see rare orcas! Whether marine life is your passion or you are passionate about creating a lasting memory, we think this marriage proposal idea is the best!


Until Next Time,

Jess Wright
Marine Mammal Naturalist & First Mate