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Lily, A Gray Whale’s Odyssey Book

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In 2010 a gray whale horrifically entangled in gill nets national headlines when she stranded herself inside of Dana Point Harbor. This whale was nicknamed Lily. Captain Dave was hands-on with Lily’s disentanglement and authored the book, Lily, A Gray Whale’s Odyssey, a magnificent photographic journey of a gray whale’s migration based on her true story. Imagine if a whale could talk and tell you about their life, about their incredible journey on one of the longest migrations of any mammal on earth. Imagine that journey is an odyssey filled with horrific dangers and a beauty that hearkens back to creation. And what if you could see all of this through hundreds of real life photographs. Preview pages from ‘Lily’.

“Lily”, with foreword by Jean-Michel Cousteau, creates an odyssey of discovery, wondering, and learning for both adults and children.

This award winning book features:
• A timeless story inspired by multiple true events.
• A photography book filled with stunningly beautiful and unusual photographs of whales and dolphins.
• A text book on gray whales full of facts, information, maps and photographs.
• A detailed account of a whale disentanglement.