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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

Updates about COVID-19 and impacts on our cruises.

We are OPEN and offering Super-Safe Public and Private Safaris.

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Safety First!

  • You deserve a safe trip on an uncrowded boat. We have always practiced social distancing and our whale watching safari will continue to be uncrowded.
  • Super-Safe Safaris = No Cattle Boats, No Crowds. Never Have. Never Will.
  • Your entire whale watching experience is outdoors, from start to finish. You’ll check-in for your safari at our outdoor Dolphin Deck location!

New Mask Guidance Effective March 1, 2022

  • On June 15, 2021, California has lifted capacity limits, physical distancing requirements, and aligned with current CDC mask guidance.
  • On March 1, 2022, California no longer requires masks for unvaccinated individuals. See below for more information.

Steps We're Taking To Help Keep You Safe

To our Capt. Dave’s Family and Friends,

We consider you part of our family and your safety remains our highest priority. We want share a few of the steps we are taking for you, our customer.

We are in the business of serving people and in the midst of this coronavirus outbreak it’s important that we give you as much information as possible when planning and enjoying your upcoming Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari.

To that end, here is what we are doing as part our regular procedures to ensure your health and wellness:

To Know Before You Go

Before Your Cruise

During Your Cruise

Available Public Dolphin & Whale Watching Safaris

Upgrade to a Private Boat Rental

Our Dana Point private boat rentals offer affordable prices, are operated by our professional crews, and only members of your household are on board.

Private boat rentals with Captain give you the opportunity to experience up-close and personal the whales, dolphins, sea lions, and more that can be seen during our Dana Point whale watching excursions.

Limited time special rates are available, making it affordable for everyone to enjoy the intimate luxury of a private boat charter with Captain provided.

If you have already tickets booked for a public trip, we will apply the cost of your original purchase to the private charter!