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Super-Safe Whale Watching in the United States

Gray whale rubs against boat while passengers watch

Is the thrill of riding the crest of open ocean waves calling out to you? Then visit the Dolphin and Whale Capital of the World® in Dana Point, CA. Bring your friends and family on an educational, safe and, exhilarating trip out at sea whale watching in the United States aboard Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safaris! With several boats to choose from, our versatile fleet can meet the needs of all passengers. With six ships to choose from, you can book a public trip or create a more intimate experience and charter a private tour. Dana Point whale watching has never been more exciting, and anytime is the perfect time to catch a glimpse of stunning whales who make their way through Dana Point waters each year.

Our public whale watching safari aboard Manute’a includes a super safe two and one-half hours of wind blowing through your hair fun and hopefully lots ‘whaley‘ cool cetacean enjoyment in the best place for whale watching in the United States. Our world-famous underwater viewing pods will give you the extraordinary opportunity to see what dolphins look like underwater without getting wet. You’re not just looking down at the animals; they’re swimming right next to you, looking you in the eye! If the dolphins are “chatty,” you may be able to hear their echolocation – a series of clicks they use to communicate with one another, too.

Manute’a boasts up-close and immersive experiences with our eye-spy dolphin tram nets on the bow, which are an excellent place for viewing wildlife on your next Dana Point whale watching in the United States trip. As dolphins and whales pass by the boat, we provide you with live narration from our outstanding expert marine naturalists, who will provide you with a deeper knowledge of the animals you will see out at sea. Don’t forget to bring your curious questions as they are standing by, ready for all of your excellent marine mammal questions. Our super safe zodiac charters safely bring you face to face with animals just above the water’s edge.

Dana Point is home to a plethora of sea life. From large baleen whales to smaller toothed dolphins, seals, sea lions, mola mola’s, and more, no other location in America has better whale watching in the United States!  Dana Point is the World’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital®, and we are proud to share that our waters comprise the first Whale Heritage site in America. This region is by far the best place to choose for your aquatic adventures. We are blessed with moderate weather all year long, so winter weather is enjoyable all season long, making this season the perfect time to visit! Many people wonder why Dana Point whale watching is so incredible, and in short, the answer is food. A phenomenon called upwelling stirs up our ocean waters and pulls cold, dense nutrient-rich water to the surface from deep in the offshore ocean trenches below, creating a rich environment for phytoplankton, the foundation from which all sea life thrives.

Whale watching in the United States began in Dana Point with the first sightings of the great gray whale. Between winter and spring, thousands of gray whales migrate past Orange County. It is believed that gray whales may use Dana Point’s headlands as a landmark on their route down to Baja, Mexico, where they will stay in warmer waters and give birth to their young before heading back up the arctic coast they spend their time feeding. Our captains and crews always maintain safe distances from the animals, keeping both wildlife and passengers super safe at all times.

The best thing about whale watching in the United States is that it lasts all year long in Dana Point. Year-round whale watching means seeing great baleen whale species show off their flukes, fins, and massive blows. These whales include charismatic humpback whales, friendly fin whales, and elusive and curious minke whales, too. These majestic creatures can be seen on our Dana Point whale watching tours anytime all year long and are known to be curious about boats, and will sometimes come over and check you out exhibiting a known behavior called mugging!

Being respectful to wildlife is why Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari’s are at the top of the charts when choosing who to go whale watching in Dana Point with when booking a whale watching in the United States. Our highly trained and experienced Captains, Crews, and Marine Naturalists are ocean advocates on and off the water. Many volunteer personal time teaching and sharing their passion for marine mammals in a public education setting. They assist with injured or malnourished seals and sea lions and advocate for cleaning up ocean pollution right here at home in the Dana Point Harbor. Ensuring our guests always feel safe, learning more about the importance of protecting these amazing animals and the environment in which they live is our priority on every trip we take out to sea. We walk the walk and talk the talk, ensuring your experience whale watching in the United States is one worth rating five stars. And, the homemade brownies at the end of your trip make the trip that much sweeter!

So book a trip today and bring your family and friends on an unforgettable experience with all of us at Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale watching Safari team!

Until then,

Jess Wright
First Mate and Marine Naturalist
Capt. Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari

Gift an unforgettable dolphin and whale watching experience! With year-round whales, dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and more, any time is a great time for your recipient to enjoy their gift.

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