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connect with nature

COVID-19 Safe Outdoor Activities

Three women having fun outdoors

The year 2020 has brought with it a slew of changes that have left people all over the world in unique and at times, challenging circumstances. From politics, protests, and a global pandemic, the past several months have had its ups and downs and everything in between. Millions throughout the world have been affected by…

14 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Multiple blue hearts form the shape of a whale for Valentine's Day

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a fresh bouquet of roses, a sparkling piece of jewelry, and your favorite colored teddy bear. These gifts and others have been given for hundreds of years in celebration of the famous holiday called Valentines. Although this day brings forth candy, companionship, cuddles, and kisses, it originally began back in…

Top 5 Reasons to Go Whale Watching

A humpback whale tail during Dana Point whale watching cruise

When looking for the best whale watching in California, one of our most frequently asked questions includes where one can take part in a whale watching near Los Angeles excursion. Finding the best whale watching in Southern California is a quest many are undergoing and we are elated to share some stellar good news with…

20 in ‘20: Our Twenty New Year’s Resolutions For 2020

Happy New Year 2020 on Beach Background

An incredible year and decade is behind us. With our hearts full of gratitude for the amazing experiences and memories we’ve shared with marine wildlife, passengers, and one another, we can’t help but look forward to the upcoming year with hope and happiness. As we head into 2020, we as a team at Captain Dave’s…

Why It’s Important To Connect With Nature

Blue whale surfaces in front of whale watchers near Dana Point, CA

On our planet today, we are blessed to be surrounded by an incredible ambiance of beauty.  From oceans, hillsides, rivers, streams, mountain tops, and vibrant green vistas, we share space with some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes that one could imagine. Although many of these remarkable views are right outside our front door, an alarming…