Private Boat Charters

A private boat charter allows for customization not provided on our open whale watching trips. Our Charter Coordinator will work with you one-on-one to arrange the perfect adventure for your group or family.

Private boat charters are perfect for family reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, or other special occasions, casual get-togethers, as well as corporate functions, team building, and professional media productions. We offer multiple vessels for an unforgettable adventure on the ocean.

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Why choose Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari for your boat charter?

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Boat Comparison Chart

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Our Vessels


Lily with Blue Whale

Maximum passenger capacity: 49 guests
Length: 62 feet
Boat Type: Power Catamaran
Private Boat Charter Price, 2.5 hours: $3,185 plus $330 gratuity

Lily is our luxury power catamaran perfect for upscale boat charters such as evening cruises, corporate functions, and daytime coastal cruises and whale watching.

Guests will enjoy cruising in luxury with a beautifully appointed cabin, climate-controlled pilothouse, shaded upper sundeck, and spacious bow, all with cushioned seating. A fully equipped galley with spacious a counter top is great for all types of catering. The upper sundeck and bow both feature rails enclosed with Lexan® glass for wind protection. You can see dolphins and whales underwater with our underwater bow camera. A life-size common dolphin, micro-museum of whale and dolphin artifacts, and stunning photographic art throughout the boat immerse passengers in the world of dolphins and whales. Lily is operated by our professional crew of three.
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Manute'a With Humpback Whale

Maximum passenger capacity: 49 guests
Length: 50 feet
Boat Type: Sailboat Catamaran
Private Boat Charter Price, 2.5 hours: $2,790 plus $300 gratuity

Hailed by many passengers as “better than Disneyland”, Manute’a is the most unique whale watching boat in the world. A private boat charter to view the scenic Southern California coastline and incredible year-round wildlife will surely wow your guests of any age.

Manute’a features our exclusive two Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods, so you can feel what it’s like to swim with dolphins and whales underwater without getting wet. She also offers a research-quality underwater hydrophone to hear the dolphins, three Eye-Spy Dolphin Tram Nets, a micro-museum of whale and dolphin artifacts, plus a huge cockpit with ample seating, and two bathrooms. Manute’a is operated by our professional crew of three.
See more information and photos of Manute’a.

Catamaran Sailboat
Maximum passenger capacity: 24 guests
Length: 35 feet
Boat Type: Sailboat Catamaran
Private Boat Charter Price, 2.5 hours: $1,350 plus $150 gratuity

This catamaran is the original pride of our fleet and remains a crew and passenger favorite. With a comfortable capacity of about 20 passengers, DolphinSafari provides an intimate private boat charter experience. If you have a few children in your group then we are Coast Guard certified for up to 24 passengers. Her specially designed bow with Eye-Spy Dolphin Net is so close to the water that you can sometimes touch the animals! It’s almost like being on a kayak. DolphinSafari also has cushioned seating in the cockpit and a restroom.

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38' Bayliner ORCA

Maximum passenger capacity: 6 guests
Length: 38 feet
Boat Type: Motor Yacht
Private Charter Prices, 2.5 hours:
September 15 through May 15: $775 plus $125 gratuity
May 16 through September 14: $1,350 plus $150 gratuity

ORCA is perfect for private boat charters with groups of six or less. Whether you have a special occasion such as a birthday or marriage proposal, or, just want to enjoy a fun afternoon of whale watching and sight seeing, our luxury motor yacht offers all the amenities. ORCA is also perfect for movie and television productions. Features include a fast cruising speed, beautiful interior with ample seating, two staterooms, two bathrooms, and fully appointed galley. You’ll enjoy panoramic views while comfortably seated in the fully enclosed bridge or the refreshing ocean air on the aft deck. This vessel is operated by our professional crew of two.
See more information and photos of ORCA.


Fast Cat

Fast Cat

Fast Cat
Maximum passenger capacity: 12 guests
Length: 24 feet
Boat Type: Rigid Hull Inflatable Catamaran
Private Charter Prices:
90 minutes: $570 plus $50 gratuity (6 passengers maximum plus 1 Captain)
90 minutes: $780 plus $100 gratuity (7 to 12 Passengers plus 1 Captain & 1 Crew)
120 minutes: $1,140 plus $125 gratuity (Up to 12 passengers plus 1 Captain & 1 Crew)

Captain Dave’s newest and fastest dolphin and whale watching vessel is designed to get you up-close with whales and dolphins like never before! Fast Cat is turbo-charged for fun. Her 240-HP inboard diesel engine is quieter and more reliable than an outboard engine. With speeds up to 30 knots a small group of up to 12 passengers will spend less time looking for animals and more time with them for a shorter, faster whale watch. The special wide, rectangular bow area is perfect for dolphin viewing as they bow ride within arm’s reach.

Fast Cat has gone beyond that level with lots of added features like custom seating, large t-top sunshade, and safety equipment. Fast Cat has passed a series of rigorous Coast Guard Safety inspections including: a stability test, thorough hull exam which is done yearly, plans examination, and electrical, fire, and safety exams to become the first and only U.S. Coast Guard inspected rigid hull inflatable boat, (RHIB), in Orange County. See more information and photos of Fast Cat.


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Private Charter Reviews

“Worth every penny!”
We called with short notice inquiring about a private tour. Everyone we spoke with was extremely accommodating and they made it happen in less than 24 hours. The crew on Dolphin Safari was great – the trip was educational, exciting and memorable! We understood there were no guarantees for sightings of any kind, but were pleasantly surprised to experience a large humpback whale. A very large tour boat with a bunch of people on board rolled in to see the whale and then rolled back out after just a couple of minutes. Perhaps because we were on a smaller boat, the whale hung around us for a while and we got to see the whale surface multiple times, roll and expose its flippers, and at one point it seemed curious enough that it swam right under the boat. Our crew was respectful of the whale, while at the same time providing us ample opportunity to experience its behavior. I can’t emphasize enough that the private tour on a smaller boat was worth every penny. If you can’t afford that route, I would still recommend this company as every aspect of their service – and respect for the animals – was top notch. I give them my highest recommendation.
Visited December 2016katestake