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COVID-19 Safe Outdoor Activities

Three women having fun outdoors

The year 2020 has brought with it a slew of changes that have left people all over the world in unique and at times, challenging circumstances. From politics, protests, and a global pandemic, the past several months have had its ups and downs and everything in between. Millions throughout the world have been affected by these changes, most especially the COVID-19 pandemic. There have been divisions, differences, and dilemmas regarding this pandemic, but with all the wild variations associated with the new coronavirus, one thing that many can agree on is the need and desire for safe outdoor activities.

Good news! We’ve put together a top-notch list of our favorite outdoor activities for all ages that will keep you safe, sanitary, and sane during these unpredictable days.

1. Outdoor Picnic

Being isolated indoors can take its toll on even the most avid homebody, and a picnic may be just the trick to get you outdoors in a simple and fun way. Pack up your favorites snacks from the pantry with a bundle of produce from the fridge, and head to a local park or outdoor spot to enjoy nature while staying safely distanced from others nearby. Do recent indoor munchies have your kitchen snacks scarce? No sweat, buzz your favorite restaurant, and swing for takeout instead. Plus hey, you’ll be supporting a local business and scoring a great opportunity to enjoy food without the time to prepare it.


2. Hike

Here at Captain Dave’s, we’re big advocates for just about anything outdoors, but one awesome activity that always lands at the top of our list is hiking. This solid activity is a great option when you’re looking to score a breath of fresh air and a good bout of exercise. Whether you’re flying solo for a hike, or trekking with tykes, teens, or your main squeeze, most areas have some sort of trail you can try out. Avid hikers, beginners, or anyone in between can find spots in their local areas by doing a simple Google search of ‘hiking trails near me’ or visiting a trail-centric website such as Remember the face covering if you’re within six feet of others, or spread out for safe social distancing.


3. Socially Distanced Sports

Nothing says let’s play outside like a fun game of basketball or football, but with social distance guidelines and precautions set up, these sports can be a no go for your busy and active buds. Choose no-contact sports instead, like tennis, pickleball, golf, and cycling. These sports help you to stay safely socially distanced while still enjoying an active and exciting activity.


4. Whale Watching

Take a break from the stresses of life and join us aboard a one of a kind five-star dolphin and whale watching safari in Dana Point, California, the Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World®. With trips that go out daily, year-round whales and dolphins, and a 95% success rating of seeing wildlife, your time aboard may be a sure win when it comes to choosing an outdoor activity. The best part, all safari’s are super safe as the number of passengers on-board is limited, so each party can safely social distance while saying hello to the fin-wearing friends nearby.


5. Backyard Festivities

Sometimes all the fun you need can be found in your backyard. Don’t hesitate to get creative with fun activities you can enjoy with your family on the lawn. From Frisbee to reading books together on the grass, spending time in the backyard can give you the change of scenery you’re craving while allowing you to stay home as much as possible. Looking to get away for the night? Look no further than right past the back deck. Set up a tent and spend the evening telling stories, stargazing, singing camp songs, and taking in the sounds of nature.


6. Swimming

Studies have shown that the coronavirus cannot be spread in swimming pools, so a dip in the deep end may be just the trick to get you and your comrades out of the house and diving into a good time. Social distancing measures still need to be taken to avoid transmission, so no pooling around together in close proximity, but when staying apart from others, this bit of recreation may be a golden option for safe COVID-19 outdoor activities. Throw on a swimsuit, grab that beach towel, and splash into fun.


7. Chalk the Block

Embrace your inner chalk Picasso and head outside for some sidewalk art. Grab your favorite colors of chalk, plant yourself in the sun, and doodle away making fun pictures of just about anything you’d like. Don’t hesitate to get the neighbors involved by making it a community competition where each household chalks the block at their homestead, helping everyone to stay safely socially distanced while still taking part in the same outdoor activity. Sidewalk chalk art themes could include Disney movies, wildlife art, nature scenes, or anything in between. With easy cleanup and smiles abounding, this could be a sure win for everyone involved.


8. Bird Watching

Wildlife viewing is one of our favorite outdoor activities, but we understand that not everyone has access to the ocean or a large variety of wildlife. But no matter where you are in the world during this pandemic, a large majority of areas play host to many beautiful local birds. Grab your binoculars and head outside to your backyard, community park, or favorite nature spot to check out the flying friends above. Studies have shown that bird-watching is incredibly therapeutic and stress-reducing, as the effects of connecting with nature and natural sounds bring great results to our mental well being.


There you have it, a fun list of our favorite COVID-19 safe outdoor activities. Whether you choose to implement one, some, or all of the above suggestions, we hope you have a great time while doing so. Stay safe, healthy, and happy during these unique and isolated times, and we hope to see you back here soon.

Until then,

Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari