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7 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts

Eco-friendly Valentine's Day gifts

Roses are red; violets are blue; what gift would your Valentine like to receive from you? Let us take the guesswork out of finding the perfect Valentine’s Day gifts for your loved ones. Keep reading to discover our top ocean-inspired Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

1. Take your special someone on a whale watching cruise!

Love is always in the open air during Valentine’s day as gray whales (Eschrichtius robustus) pass by and present their heart-shaped blows when they surface. This time of year is the perfect opportunity to treat your special someone with Valentine’s Day gifts centered around once-in-a-lifetime animal sightings and intoxicating fresh air out on the open sea.

Gray whale with heart-shaped blow

What’s sweeter than seeing gray whales migrating along the stunning coastline of Dana Point, California, the Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World®? Gray whales hug the coast as they travel to and from the warmer waters in Mexican lagoons and are frequently seen outside Dana Point Harbor. Birds soaring, diving at magnificent speeds, and breaking the surface of the water can be like unexpected Valentine’s Day gifts when you book a trip on a dolphin and whale watching safari. Seeing dolphins and birds dive together, foraging for the same food, reminds us all that connection is vital in life. Sharing meaningful experiences with the ones you love is one of the best Valentine’s Day gift ideas. Not only is whale watching an unforgettable experience you and your guests will love, but the connection you make with nature is one to last a lifetime.

Tell your Valentine ‘I whaley love you’ with a special 3-hour whale watching cruise on our catamaran Hoku Nai’a, featuring a catered brunch with a free glass of champagne and live music. Your experience begins with a tour of picturesque Dana Point Harbor, while you enjoy a delicious catered brunch buffet and a complimentary glass of Champagne with your special someone as a live band plays. Book online or call us at 949-488-2828.


2. Gift Jewelry with Meaning and Purpose

According to National Geographic, 91% of all plastic is NOT recycled. Since its inception over six decades ago, over 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic have been created. Making the small choice to purchase your Valentine’s Day gifts from companies that aim to keep our oceans clean is a gift that gives beyond its immediate recipient. If your special someone would love Valentine’s Day gifts that sparkle and shine this year, we have the perfect options for Valentine’s Day gift ideas that go a step further than their aesthetic.

  • Designed by two surfers and inspired by fishermen, 4Ocean recovers millions of pounds of plastic and trash from the world’s oceans, rivers, and coastlines. 4Ocean’s primary focus is to clean up the world’s waters globally by removing plastic waste and creating wearable pieces made from recycling the trash they withdraw from the sea. If you buy Valentine’s Day gifts for an ocean lover, you can purchase pieces tailored to their specific sea life interests, like dolphins, whales, turtles, and sharks. The funds from each purchase directly support pulling more trash from the water, positively affecting the animals you love. 4Ocean’s designs are simple and wearable, and anyone who receives one will surely enjoy this Valentine’s gift idea.

3. Gift Water, or, Something Stylish and Planet-Friendly to Hold Water

Hand holding white reusable bottle

Why not save the world with your Valentine’s Day gifts this year? People around the world use approximately 200 billion plastic water bottles every year. Sadly, Americans are the single most significant users of single-use plastic bottles. This plastic ocean killer releases over 2 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year and can take between 400-1000 years to decompose in just one bottle. The use of these bottles creates a detrimental impact on ocean wildlife and all of its habitats. Small steps like bringing along a reusable drink bottle are both stylish and valuable by helping to reduce long-term waste. We know you see reusable drink bottles worldwide, but how do you know which bottle to choose for your Valentine’s Day gifts? Several brands today create aesthetically pleasing colors in various sizes, built to last. Here’s a quick look at some of our favorites:

  • Klean Kanteen
    Keen Kanteen is a family-owned and eco-friendly company, making a huge splash in the world of going green.
    Their top-rated bottle designs come in all shapes and sizes and are crafted using stylish green-safe certified color options. Kleen Kanteen’s water bottles are built tough and safe for you and the planet, using BPA-free stainless steel, and will keep your beverages hot for 20 hours or cold for 50 hours. Planning a picnic and want to use this Valentine’s Day gift on the go? Check out their to-go containers and more here. As a climate-neutral friendly company, this brand is worth supporting for all your Valentine’s day gifts this season.


  • S’well
    Giving the gift of clean water is the mission at S’well. They are a proud partner of UNICEF, which in just three years, provided more than $1.4 million in safe and clean drinking water to vulnerable communities around the globe. Their 18/8 stainless steel reusable drink bottles are packed in minimal packaging, including compostable cardboard and responsibly-harvested paper. By purchasing your Valentine’s Day gifts at S’well, your gift-giving keeps giving!

4. Eco-Friendly Socks are a Great Valentine’s Day Gift Idea!

Everyone needs socks, and companies like Conscious Step walk the walk and talk the talk when it comes to protecting planet earth. Each product is masterfully created, keeping sustainability in mind, and every purchase gives back to world-changing non-profit organizations. Shoppers can tailor their purchase to protect a specific part of the planet, too, so your Valentine’s day gifts can match the passions of your recipient! Choose from socks that protect the animals of the icy Artic, give the gift of clean water, or support space exploration this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's day gift of white socks with red hearts

5. Symbolic Species Adoptions and Soft Plush

Marine animal adoptions are perfect Valentine’s day gift ideas for any ocean lover. Global companies like Oceana, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and REEF are ignited by their passion for protecting marine life habitats and their oceanic habitats. Symbolically adopting a marine animal supports species’ longevity with funding to protect their vulnerable habitats. Symbolic adoptions range in price from $35 to $175+ and typically comes with an adoption certificate, stickers, and a soft plush version of your newly adopted family member. We love them all, but our favorites are Orca, the blue whale, and the dolphins! This Valentine’s day gift is one you can cozy up with all year.

6. Opt Outside and Plan a Hike

A man wearing a backpack while hiking on a dirt trail

Valentine’s day gifts do not always have to be physical. Bringing nature into your day, weekend or week will restore and renews your soul. Make a plan with your loved one(s) to get outdoors and hit the trails. Here are some travel Valentine’s gift ideas to help inspire you and help guide you to see where the spirit moves you:

  • Camping is one of the best ways to get outside and connect with Mother Nature. Some of the most magical places on earth provide camping opportunities just a short distance nearby, making it more affordable to see the world with just a turn of a key. There are 63 National Parks across the USA, providing the perfect opportunity to experience something new you and your loved one will love! Sure to plan a stop in Southern California and book a campsite at Doheny State Beach, made famous in the 1960s for longboard surfing.


  • As the world’s leading B2B Corporation, Intrepid’s primary purpose is to “inspire, create, share and lead the best travel experiences ever – for both people and the planet.” From community-based tourism to new experiences that support First Nations and Indigenous communities worldwide, Intrepid is committed to dialing back their itineraries to reduce carbon and increase the impact. Being a carbon-neutral company since 2010, this is a company that invests in making a difference and is the perfect option for your travel-inspired Valentine’s Day gifts this year.

7. Year-round Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day gifts that last all year are a great way to allow your loved one(s) to try new brands. Hundreds upon thousands of subscription services exist, but our favorites are cruelty-free, organic, and have a holistic approach to being eco-friendly. Here are a few great options designed to make your Valentine’s smile with some great Valentine’s Day gift ideas.

  • Love Goodly
    Do you want to give perfume, makeup, lotions, and creams but don’t know what brands to try first? Love Goodly supplies its customers with full-size products (not samples) that are also all-natural, non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free. Subscription boxes start at $29.99 and are delivered every two months, giving the recipient ample time to try out their new goodies. Packages can be tailored to your favorite product lines or can be something new each time. Valentine’s day gifts filled with lots of items to try out are always fun and unique, and if you order soon, they can be delivered to your door before the big day too!


  • Mighty Nest
    The Valentine’s day gifts from Mighty Nest are loaded with sustainably-focused options for your dishwasher, washing machine, and household! Everything you need to make your happy home an even healthier, eco-focused home is included in every Mighty Nest boxed subscription. From cleaning supplies to products the kids will love, this is the perfect subscription box to order for your special someone and will show them you care about them and their “nest” too.


  • Green Chef
    Save your loved one, family, and friends a trip to the store and help them reduce their carbon footprint this Valentine’s day with an organic meal kit subscription. Meal kits are great Valentine’s day gifts because they take the stress and guesswork out of finding unique ingredients on your recipe list, save you from purchasing larger quantities of spices, and provide the correct individualized portions. So grab your aprons and tongs and get ready for the Valentine’s day gift of a delicious homemade dinner “in” with this Valentine’s day gift idea!

While our top choice for your Valentine’s day gifts is whale watching in the Whale Watching Capital of the World® right here in Dana Point, California, we hope our list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas helped make shopping a little easier this year. See you soon!

Until then,

Jess Wright
First Mate and Marine Naturalist
Capt. Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari

Gift an unforgettable dolphin and whale watching experience! With year-round whales, dolphins, sea lions, sharks, and more, any time is a great time for your recipient to enjoy their gift.

“Our experiences are a bigger part of ourselves than our material goods…” – Dr. Thomas Gilovich