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14 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Multiple blue hearts form the shape of a whale for Valentine's Day

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a fresh bouquet of roses, a sparkling piece of jewelry, and your favorite colored teddy bear. These gifts and others have been given for hundreds of years in celebration of the famous holiday called Valentines.

Although this day brings forth candy, companionship, cuddles, and kisses, it originally began back in A.D. 270 to commemorate the death and legend of Saint Valentine, a catholic priest who was believed to perform marriages during a time of strict law prohibiting such a vow.

This Saint Valentine, as well as two others, are believed to be the faces behind this festive day of the year. In addition, after Romans began celebrating a Pagan festival each year on the 15th of February, Pope Gelasius declared February 14th “St. Valentine’s Day” in an effort to make this holiday more Christian.

While the history and legends behind this special day are both festal and intriguing, people of all sects, races, and localities celebrate this holiday to share love and appreciation to the loved ones in their lives. As they do so, they choose from an assortment of goods and merchandise to express their own unique way of saying “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

These items include those roses, jewels, and teddy bears, along with many more, but what if we shared several eco-friendly Valentine’s Day ideas that not only expressed your love, but left the recipient with a slew of happy and heartfelt memories to be savored long after this Saint Valentine day concluded.

Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Cards

Have an earth-friendly pal who you’re hoping to make more than a crush? Choose from a wide variety of eco-friendly Valentine’s Day cards, including plantable seed paper cards that not only communicate your unfeigned feelings but can be planted right in the ground when they’re finished up going googly eyes over your sweet memo. Other options include recycled paper cards, as it’s always a good option when going for a green valentine.

Endangered Species Chocolate

We can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day without that famous chocolate, especially when it means helping an endangered animal at the same time. Endangered Species Chocolate is a sweet and selfless way to share your special feelings for someone on Valentine’s Day while supporting conservation efforts all across the globe. And we thought eating chocolate couldn’t get any better…  

Having a hard time finding this particular chocolate bar in your local grocery store? Don’t fret and go with your favorite brand of organic chocolates instead.

Romantic Meal

Get dressed up and dapper for a romantic night out at your favorite restaurant. A good bite to eat with your loved one can’t be beat, and Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to splurge. Whether it’s a classic diner, beachfront bistro, or local pizzeria, make sure to bring along your appetite and get full on endless baskets of bread, chips and salsa, and good conversation.

Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari

Many often wonder if whale watching takes place in February. Thankfully, here in Dana Point, the Whale Watching Capital of the World®, we see dolphins and whales all year round, making Valentine’s Day a great day for dolphin and whale watching.

Give the gift of an experience this year by accompanying your valentine aboard any of our daily safaris, enabling you and your loved one to get up-close and personal with the large variety of marine mammals that reside along our gorgeous coast. From gray whales and humpback whales, several species of dolphins, sea lions, and much more, your significant other will be giving ‘two fins up’ for this remarkable gift.

And sometimes even the whales themselves seemingly want to enjoy the spirit of Valentine’s Day:

Nature Hike or Walk

When it comes to green gifts, one that makes it way to the top of our list includes taking your loved one on a unique hike or walk in nature. This is an inexpensive, eco-friendly, and extremely healthy option for that nature-loving pal in your life, plus it can be done just about anywhere outside your front door.

Paddleboarding for Two

Giving the gift of a morning, afternoon, or early evening to paddleboard with that special somebody is a stellar idea. This sport can be done lying down, kneeling, or standing and is suitable for just about all ages. It also gets you out and about on the water and in the sunshine for a good dose of Vitamin SEA. Rentals are available in your nearest water-friendly town. 

Adopt an Animal

One of our favorite eco-friendly gift ideas on the list is to symbolically adopt an animal. And not just any animal! How about a Koala from Australia, a Narwhal in the Arctic, or a Giraffe in Africa. Maybe all of the above? The adoption program through enables adoptees to purchase your preferred wildlife kit, sending the proceeds to assist in worldwide conservation efforts while helping animals and their habitats.

Plant Seeds of Love

A great way to celebrate the love of your partner and our planet is to whip out your green thumb and plant something amazing. From a tree, flowers, shrubbery, herbs, or veggies, getting your hands dirty with the one you love will create lasting memories, and a beautiful plant to care for long after the holiday wraps up. No space for a bit of vegetation? Give a pretty potted plant for the indoors instead.

Craft Night with the Crush

Craft it up with your crush this year by planning a fun night to create something new! Ideas range from heart-shaped wreaths made of recycled materials, sewing up homemade and reusable produce bags, and nifty knitting kits that can be completed in no time.

Scavenger Hunt

A fun, active, and outdoorsy idea includes a clever scavenger hunt with your main squeeze. Clues can include your favorite gathering spots around town, memories shared together, or new and random locations in your neighborhood. Get creative and have fun and don’t be afraid to get your circle of friends involved as well. This can be a short and sweet activity or an intense hunt to lead your squeeze to the treasure of you at the end.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Valentine’s Day gifts for her can be tricky when trying to give to the lucky lady in your life. Why not give it all then? Or at least a few of her favorite things…

For that special senorita, all-natural perfume goes a long way, especially when coupled with that pair of organic cotton socks she’s been eyeing since Christmas. Throw in a monthly membership to a beachside yoga class along the coast, and don’t forget that organic chocolate bar for an extra dose of sweetness after her Sirsasana sequence.

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

The next on our list is similar to the one above, but instead, this includes Valentine’s Day gifts for him. Put together a fun basket of items that he’ll love.

For fellas, these could include his favorite movie snack, eco-friendly cologne, a weekend of surf lessons, and those tickets to that outdoor bluegrass concert in the valley.


While many imagine a romantic night out in your best-dressed attire to celebrate Valentine’s Day, another brilliant idea is a fun and thoughtful service project in your community. Whether this includes serving dinner to the homeless or less fortunate, playing cards with the residents at a senior living home, or exploring the great outdoors side by side while picking up litter, the list is endless when it comes to ways to get out and give back on this day of love.

Give the Gift of Time

“In Family Relationships, ‘love’ is really spelled ‘t-i-m-e,’ time.” Dieter F. Uchtdorf

Give the gift of your time this year. Whether this means a warm-hearted chat on the couch, a phone call to a friend across the country, or a walk hand and hand along the boardwalk at night, take time to be present and intentional with the special people in your life. This gift is free, fun, and meaningful, filled with love and care for the important people around you.


As Valentine’s Day approaches, we hope you have found joy and happiness while reading through our list of eco-friendly gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Feel free to use one, none, or all of the above, as well as any of your own ideas, to share love and appreciation to your special Valentine this year.

We hope you have an amazing, blessed, and beautiful holiday.

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