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Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari Groupon and Discounts

Hi! If you have come across this page, it probably means you were looking for a Groupon or some other discount offer for Captain Dave’s safaris. At this time we don’t have any Groupons. But don’t leave just yet! We offer amazing, one-of-a-kind, adventures. Please give us a chance to tell you a little about why we are awesome. You won’t regret spending an extra minute here with us, however, you may very well regret the two hours you spend on a cramped boat with the other guy.

[su_quote cite=”Des M.” url=””]All I can say is wow! Out of all the things I have done in my life with my children, after leaving the catamaran at the end of our trip… My son told me this will be one of his best memories with me ever!! I completely agree. If you take this trip I strongly suggest to take the smaller boat called the MANUTE’A. It’s an awesome catamaran that only seats 49 people unlike the other large boats that carry approx 150. You get the experience almost eye level with the Dolphins/whales, up close and personal, and the kids think it’s the coolest thing ever. I know it’s a little more then the places you can find on Groupon. I’m a Groupon-er myself but spare no expense on this trip or your sell yourself short. 5 Stars no doubt. You won’t be disappointed! Thanks for the wonderful hospitality guys! We will definitely be back[/su_quote]

Captain Dave’s, At a Glance

Captain Dave’s daily, year round, dolphin and whale watching adventures aboard high-tech catamarans can get you up close & personal with magnificent Blue Whales (May – October), Gray Whales (December – May), Fin Whales, Humpback Whales, Minke Whales, Orcas (Killer Whales), plus five species of wild dolphins that can number in mega-pods of up to 10,000, and much more, for an educational and incredibly exciting whale watching experience.

[su_quote cite=”Tara H.” url=””]I would give this experience 10 stars if I could!! Amazing, incredible, can’t wait to go out again with this crew.

I recently went out on another whale watching tour out of Marina Del Rey with a Groupon and that was sooo ghetto compared to Capt. Dave’s. I’ll never go with another crew and now totally loyal to this team.

Capt. Dave’s commitment to the marine life out here is truly something everyone should support! We were barely off shore for 20 mins when we came across a GIANT pod of long-beak common dolphins. And then we came across yet another pod which joined a smaller pod…. we were surrounded! It was such a magical experience. The way our captain maneuvered the boat was also very very respectful to the wildlife – he was always in tune with the direction they were swimming, always conscious to turn off the engine and kept a safe distance.

Definitely make sure you go into their underwater viewing pod which was mindblowing. oh yeah, and we also spotted 3 grey whales. no big deal!!![/su_quote]

Why Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Safari?

No so-called “cattle boats” here! Captain Dave’s boats are never crowded with a maximum of 49 passengers. Some of our vessels carry even fewer, for a very intimate whale watching experience. Your family deserves better than to spend the afternoon packed like sardines while trying to cram your head over 200 other passengers to look at a whale.

We’re not part time dolphin and whale watchers. You won’t be aboard a fishing boat that’s doing whale watching on the side. Our eco-friendly vessels only offer dolphin and watching, 7 days a week, all year round. There is nothing wrong with sport fishing, however, there is unintended by-catch that can result in injuries or death to other marine animals.

No hidden fees or fuel surcharges! Our prices are what you pay. And parking is free, too.

We offer the best customer service and that reflects in our #1 ranking of Boat Tours and Things to Do on TripAdvisor, Yelp, and Google+.

Our staff of knowledgeable marine naturalists are dedicated to helping whales and dolphins (some are part of Orange County’s whale disentanglement team; more on that below). During your safari they will explain how these animals live, while you see and touch our collection of whale and dolphin artifacts, for a fun and educational oceanic adventure.

Almost as sweet as the wildlife you’ll encounter aboard your trip is Mrs. Capt. Dave’s triple fudge brownies. Her homemade recipe is a fan favorite and served to you as a special treat upon return to the harbor. Our little way of saying “thank you”!

Captain Dave specially outfitted his catamarans to provide the best dolphin and whale watching possible. All of our vessels have cushioned seating and each boat has unique features to maximize your fun and enjoyment.

You can be one of the pod, and feel what it’s like to swim with dolphins and whales underwater, without getting wet in our two exclusive Eye to Eye Underwater Viewing Pods on Manute’a.

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Manute'a With Humpback Whale

[su_quote cite=”sls986, Branson West, MO” url=””]“Captain Dave is a “pied piper” for whales and dolphins. You can get cheaper BUT you won’t get any better than Dave’s!!!”

I first heard about Captain Dave & Whale Watching Safari a couple of years ago when I saw a video he made using his droan to capture a bird’s eye view of a whale and of a dolphin stampede. I was hooked and going out whale watching with Captain Dave went on my bucket list. On August 29 and 30th we did 2 back to back morning trips. Both were wonderful and offered very different experiences. Monday we did not see any whales but saw large pods of Common, Short Beaked and Long Beaked Dolphins. We got the rare experience of watching 2 pods merge into one and the happy party time expressed by the dolphins with meeting up with old friends and family.

The second day we found ourselves in the middle of a huge pod of Common Dolphins numbering between 1200 to 1500. Dolphins as far as one could see when looking in any direction. It was so very cool. But then Dave announced the sighting of a whale spout and dang if we did not get to see a Blue in all her/his glory. Dave even launched his droan so our trip and sighting might have a video to document it ! Craig, the Naturalist and photographer was most informative on both trips as was all of Dave’s staff.

My friend and I did a cheaper Whale Watching trip Monday afternoon out of Newport Beach. Boat was larger but it was basically a boat ride with the viewing of only 1 pod of Dolphins. We never traveled out of the sight of the Orange County high rises! You can get cheaper but it will not be the wonderful family like experience you get with Dave’s. We will be back for many more adventures. Make sure to check out his facebook page as well as his youtube channel. These guys and gals really care about the whales and about the ocean as well as donating $ to help people in Africa! Oh and Mrs. Dave’s brownies are wonderful!!![/su_quote]


Meet Captain Dave

Captain Dave Profile ImageCaptain Dave is not just a name on our door! He is an experienced marine naturalist, award winning filmmaker and author, photographer, and a leader in ocean wildlife education and conservation. His award winning film “Wild Dolphins & Whales of Southern California” and book “Lily, A Gray Whale’s Odyssey” have drawn people worldwide to Southern California. Frequently called upon as an authority on wild dolphins and whales, he has appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, as well as local network affiliates, the Discovery Channel, Nova, the Travel Channel, and National Geographic. His photographs have appeared on the cover of newspapers and magazines worldwide and on special exhibit at various locales. He also worked with filmmaker Greg McGillivray for the IMAX film Dolphins, helping to locate large herds of dolphin.

Captain Dave was a keynote speaker at the LA Drone Expo where he talked about flying his DJI Phantom 2 and GoPro hundreds of times over water in challenging conditions filming dolphins and whales. Captain Dave received worldwide acclaim for his breathtaking viral video “Drones Over Dolphin Stampede and Whales off Dana Point and Maui”.

[su_quote cite=”Cristabella C.” url=””]After an amazing afternoon aboard the Lily, my family and I shared our photographs and commented on how wonderful our time was on Captain Daves upscale, quality, whale watching experience!

I was very tempted to purchase the groupon to use for the other whale watching tour in dana point- but i’m so happy I didn’t because we saw the other boat out at sea and it was sardine jam packed… where we had indoor seating, covered seating, deck seating, etc.

Everything was really great! The information was really my favorite thing! The crew knew so much about whales and about the dolphins that it made the experience even better.[/su_quote]

We Don’t Just Watch Whales, We Rescue Them Too

Captain Dave organized Orange County’s first whale disentanglement group in 2008. Alongside other members of the rescue team network, he has been involved with several rescues, including that of Lily the Gray Whale’s disentanglement that made national headlines. Captain Dave has been featured on the Ellen Show and CBS Morning News for his conservation efforts and his success in disentangling whales.

In addition to our hands-on whale rescue efforts, we also support other wonderful organizations that help both animals and people! A portion of the proceeds from the sales of Captain Dave’s book and documentary go to Kids Around the World. And the entire Dolphin Safari team helps pack meals!  We also host special whale watching trips for Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, with a portion of the trip’s proceeds going directly to Sea Shepherd.


Ready to Reserve Tickets?

I hope you now understand why, even though we do not offer a Groupon deal, our prices still offer a very high value. But if you need more convincing please don’t hesitate to call us at 949-488-2828.

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[su_quote cite=”Amy H.” url=””]I had friends from out of town that are real ocean, whale and dolpin watchers. We went to Dana Wharf tours the day before and the tours were night and day. The crew on Captain Daves were fantastic. The main guide Tom was fantastic, funny and knowledgeable. This is an outfit that is here to make a difference for the ocean with big hearts. This is the tour I will now use over and over again. The boat was fantastic, smooth, clean and far nicer than other tours I have been on. Being on the catamaran net you could almost touch the dolphins and the under water pods were a fantastic experience. Tom got the kids involved and excited. Truly a great experience.[/su_quote]