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    Whale Watching Sightings Log 2011

    Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Sightings

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    2011 Whale Watching Sightings

    Date# of
    Dec. 3141,000 Common65 Risso’s7 Gray Whales1 Blue Shark
    Dec. 30574 Bottlenose3,200 Common2 Gray Whales
    Dec. 29528 Bottlenose2,525 Common5 Gray Whales
    Dec. 2847,000 Common2 Fin Whales, 2 Gray Whales
    Dec. 27492 Bottlenose300 Common12 Pacific White-Sided57 Risso’s7 Gray Whales
    Dec. 26213 Bottlenose706 Common20 Risso’s1 Gray Whale
    Dec. 25Merry Christmas!
    Dec. 24210 Bottlenose300 Common1 Gray Whale
    Dec. 23362 Bottlenose762 Common50 Pacific White-Sided27 Risso’s11 Gray Whales
    Dec. 22110 Bottlenose300 Common2 Gray Whales
    Dec. 212200 Common1 Fin Whale
    Dec. 2011 Gray Whale
    Dec. 1811,000 Common1 Gray Whale
    Dec. 171600 Common
    Dec. 161300 Common1 Gray Whale
    Dec. 151500 Common
    Dec. 141500 Common
    Dec. 131750 Common2 Gray Whales
    Dec. 111200 Common
    Dec. 1011 Bottlenose500 Common
    Dec. 91360 Common
    Dec. 8150 Bottlenose300 Common
    Dec. 7125 Bottlenose200 Common
    Dec. 613 Bottlenose750 Common100 Risso’s
    Dec. 50
    Dec. 4112 Bottlenose500 Common
    Dec. 311,000 Common
    Dec. 21300 Common40 Risso’s
    Dec. 11500 Common12 Risso’s
    Nov. 30110 Bottlenose20 Risso’s
    Nov. 291500 Common15 Risso’s
    Nov. 28115 Risso’s1 Fin Whale, 1 Minke Whale2 Mola Mola
    Nov. 27335 Bottlenose700 Common35 Risso’s2 Fin Whales
    Nov. 263700 Common1 Gray WhaleOur 1st Gray of the season!
    Nov. 2531,800 Common3 Fin Whales
    Nov. 24Happy Thanksgiving!
    Nov. 2350 Bottlenose1,500 Common3 Fin Whales, 1 Minke Whale
    Nov. 22225 Bottlenose1,008 Common10 Risso’s
    Nov. 21175 Bottlenose
    Nov. 20112 Risso’s
    Nov. 19280 Bottlenose4 Fin Whales
    Nov. 18250 Bottlenose500 Common12 Risso’s
    Nov. 17140 Risso’s2 Sei Whales
    Nov. 162100 Bottlenose
    Nov. 15218 Bottlenose30 Risso’s
    Nov. 1411,000 Common
    Nov. 13221 Bottlenose1,100 Common
    Nov. 1223 Bottlenose700 Common10 Risso’s
    Nov. 112200 Bottlenose7 Risso’s2 Blue Whales8 Mola Mola
    Nov. 10250 Bottlenose500 Common10 Risso’s3 Sei Whales
    Nov. 922,000 Common1 Fin Whale
    Nov. 811,000 Common1 Blue Whale, 1 Fin Whale
    Nov. 72200 Bottlenose1,100 Common15 Risso’s
    Nov. 621,000 Common3 Fin Whales
    Nov. 522,000 Common36 Risso’s2 Fin Whales
    Nov. 4Inclement Weather
    Nov. 3210 Bottlenose2,000 Common9 Fin Whales, 1 Humpback Whale
    Nov. 2150 Bottlenose13 Fin Whales, 1 Blue Whale, 1 Humpback Whale, 1 Minke Whale
    Nov. 13900 Common16 Fin Whales, 4 Humpback Whales, 1 Minke Whale
    October 31212 Bottlenose2 Fin Whales
    October 30320 Bottlenose300 Common7 Fin Whales, 2 Humpback Whales, 1 Minke Whales
    October 2931,400 Common20 Fin Whales, 2 Minke Whales, 1 Blue Whale, 2 Humpback Whales
    October 283100 Bottlenose500 Common20 Risso’s4 Fin Whales, 1 Humpback WhaleSaw “Patches” the piebald bottlenose
    October 27640 Common18 Fin Whales, 2 Blue Whales, 2 Minke Whales
    October 26229 Fin Whales, 6 Blue Whales
    October 252100 Common5 Blue Whales, 1 Humpback Whale, 1 Fin Whale
    October 2416 Bottlenose15 Fin Whales, 12 Blue Whales, 8 Humpback Whales
    October 2322 Bottlenose90 Common40 Blue Whales, 18 Fin Whales
    October 22566 Bottlenose50 Common3 Blue Whales
    October 21270 Bottlenose20 Common10 Blue Whales
    October 2023,000 Common1 Fin Whale, 1 Minke Whale
    October 192160 Bottlenose500 Common20 Pacific White-Sided45 Risso’s
    October 182100 Bottlenose50 Copmmon1 Fin Whale60 Mola Mola
    October 17280 Bottlenose5 Moal Mola
    October 1628 Bottlenose700 Common1 Humpback Whale
    October 153180 Bottlenose1,700 Common20 Risso’s
    October 142100 Bottlenose20 Risso’s
    October 13115 Bottlenose250 Common10 Risso’s8 Blue Whales
    October 122106 Bottlenose100 Common8 Risso’s2 Blue Whales
    October 11250 Bottlenose3 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale
    October 1024 Common8 Blue Whales
    October 932 Bottlenose37 Common12 Risso’s30 Blue Whales, 8 Fin Whales
    October 8312 Bottlenose60 Common60 Blue Whales, 30 Fin WhalesMore whales than we could count!
    October 7250 Blue Whales, 16 Fin WhalesMore whales than we could count!
    October 616 Bottlenose13 Blue Whales, 2 Fin Whales
    October 41100 Common7 Blue Whales
    October 32400 Common
    October 22700 Common1 Minke Whale4 Mola Mola
    October 12200 Common1 Blue Whale
    Sept. 302200 Common
    Sept. 291600 Common1 Blue Whale
    Sept. 28250 Bottlenose150 Common2 Blue Whales
    Sept. 27350 Bottlenose540 Common10 Risso’s1 Blue Whale, 1 Minke Whale1 Mola Mola
    Sept. 261200 Common1 Blue Whale
    Sept. 253600 Common3 Blue Whales
    Sept. 24344 Bottlenose525 Common3 Blue Whales
    Sept. 232700 Common2 Blue Whales1 Humboldt Squid
    Sept. 22345 Bottlenose700 Common
    Sept. 212900 Common6 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale
    Sept. 203900 Common19 Blue Whales
    Sept. 19125 Common14 Blue Whales
    Sept. 18220 Bottlenose200 Common7 Orca Whales, 13 Blue Whales,2 Fin Whales, 1 Minke Whale
    Sept. 17320 Bottlenose500 Common12 Blue Whales
    Sept. 162450 Common5 Blue Whales
    Sept. 152800 Common20 Risso’s5 Blue Whales
    Sept. 141350 Common1 Blue Whale
    Sept. 132550 Common6 Blue Whales1 Mola Mola
    Sept. 121100 Common
    Sept. 11240 Bottlenose400 Common35 Risso’s1 Blue Whale
    Sept. 10250 Bottlenose4 Blue Whales
    Sept. 9240 Bottlenose80 Common
    Sept. 82500 Common2 Blue Whales2 Mola Mola
    Sept. 72300 Common3 Blue Whales6 Mola Mola
    Sept. 62420 Common4 Blue Whales
    Sept. 522 Blue Whales
    Sept. 44280 Common9 Blue Whales
    Sept. 3342 Common5 Blue Whales, 1 Minke Whale
    Sept. 22300 Common4 Blue Whales
    Sept. 12100 Common2 Blue Whales1 Mola Mola
    August 31200 Common7 Blue Whales
    August 30200 Common8 Blue Whales
    August 29275 Common8 Blue Whales3 Mola Mola
    August 28180 Common12 Blue Whales
    August 27380 Common7 Blue Whales
    August 26770 Common11 Blue Whales, 2 Fin Whales1 Mola Mola
    August 2520 Bottlenose50 Common11 Blue Whales
    August 24137 Common4 Blue Whales3 Mola Mola
    August 23650 Common8 Blue Whales
    August 2295 Common6 Blue Whales
    August 2125 Bottlenose281 Common12 Risso’s1 Blue Whale
    August 201,260 Common4 Blue Whales, 3 Minke Whales1 Mola Mola
    August 192 Bottlenose600 Common22 Blues Whales3 Mola Mola
    August 1822 Bottlenose450 Common9 Blue Whales8 Mola Mola
    August 1720 Bottlenose650 Common11 Blue Whales
    August 1670 Bottlenose375 Common6 Blue Whales, 1 Minke Whale3 Mola Mola
    August 15850 Common50 Risso’s13 Blue Whales, 1 Minke Whales
    August 14753 Common27 Blue Whales, 1 Minke Whale
    August 1313 Bottlenose350 Common26 Blue Whales
    August 121 Bottlenose1,475 Common10 Blue Whales, 1 Minke Whale1 Mola Mola
    August 1125 Bottlenose3,050 Common5 Blue Whales
    August 103 Bottlenose525 Common7 Blue Whales
    August 920 Bottlenose600 Common8 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale
    August 8175 Common2 Blue Whales
    August 7925 Common12 Blue Whales
    August 6500 Common9 Blue Whales1 Mola Mola
    August 535 Bottlenose725 Common
    August 4135 Bottlenose330 Common15 Risso’s
    August 3350 Common8 Blue Whales1 Mola Mola
    August 2162 Bottlenose100 Common7 Blue Whales, 2 Fin Whales
    August 150 Common19 Blue Whales, 3 Fin Whales, 1 Humpback Whale
    July 31110 Common9 Blue Whales
    July 30200 Common47 Blue Whales, 2 Fin Whales
    July 29190 Common15 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale1 Mola Mola
    July 281,050 Common16 Blue Whales1 Mako Shark
    July 27225 Common15 Blue Whales, 2 Fin Whales1 Mola Mola
    July 26200 Common7 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whales
    July 25550 Common3 Blue Whales
    July 24850 Common1 Minke Whale
    July 231,230 Common30 Risso’s8 Blue Whales
    July 221,000 Common2 Blue Whales1 Mola Mola
    July 211,000 Common1 Blue Whale, 1 Minke Whale2 Mola Mola
    July 20550 Common2 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale
    July 196 Bottlenose200 Common6 Blue Whales
    July 18100 Bottlenose210 Common2 Blue Whales
    July 17600 Common12 Blue Whales
    July 1630 Bottlenose320 common9 Blue Whales3 Mola Mola
    July 15400 Common6 Blue Whales
    July 14700 Common4 Blue Whales
    July 1350 Bottlenose500 Common3 Fin Whales, 2 Blue Whales
    July 1275 Bottlenose200 Common1 Blue Whale
    July 11175 Common7 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale
    July 102 Bottlenose125 Common19 Blue Whales, 4 Fin Whales
    July 91,800 Common13 Blue Whales, 1 Minke Whale
    July 82,020 Common1 Fin Whale, 1 Minke Whale
    July 7145 Bottlenose
    July 61,950 Common1 Blue Whale
    July 5750 Common1 Blue Whale, 1 Fin Whale
    July 41,300 Common1 Blue Whale, 1 Fin Whale
    July 324 Bottlenose1,050 Common2 Blue Whales
    July 2100 Bottlenose2,000 Common10 Blue Whales
    July 11,300 Common1 Blue Whale
    June 301,300 Common
    June 2960 Bottlenose20 Risso’s2 Blue Whales, 2 Fin Whales, 1 Minke Whale
    June 286 Bottlenose1 Blue Whale
    June 2740 Bottlenose450 Common1 Blue Whale3 Mola Mola
    June 2650 Bottlenose400 Common1 Mola Mola
    June 25105 Bottlenose2,100 Common12 Risso’s
    June 24165 Bottlenose1,400 Common55 Risso’s
    June 2350 Bottlenose300 Common50 Risso’s
    June 221,120 Common1 Fin Whale5 Mola Mola
    June 2115 Bottlenose1,200 Common30 Risso’s2 Minke Whales
    June 2020 Bottlenose2,000 Common20 Risso’s
    June 1956 Bottlenose650 Common6 Risso’s
    June 1810 Bottlenose40 Common
    June 172,650 Common
    June 162,300 Common
    June 151,500 Common1 Blue Whale
    June 146,000 Common
    June 131,012 Common9 Blue Whales
    June 122,500 Common2 Blue Whales1 Mola Mola
    June 111,900 Common1 Blue Whale
    June 1050 Bottlenose500 Common20 Risso’s2 Blue Whales
    June 950 Bottlenose1,200 Common5 Blue Whales
    June 8800 Common
    June 730 Bottlenose1,200 Common
    June 6500 Common2 Blue Whales
    June 52,400 Common2 Blue Whales
    June 41,300 Common3 Blue Whales
    June 3No Sightings
    June 21,000 Common
    June 18 Bottlenose100 Common
    May 31No Trips
    May 30200 Common5 Blue Whales
    May 29No Sightings
    May 282 Bottlenose1,000 Common1 Blue Whale
    May 271,300 Common1 Fin Whale
    May 261,000 Common1 Mola Mola
    May 25800 Common
    May 2420 Bottlenose20 Common
    May 2318 Bottlenose2,000 Common30 Risso’s
    May 2216 Bottlenose30 Risso’s1 Mola Mola
    May 21450 Common
    May 20300 Common
    May 1950 Bottlenose50 Risso’s
    May 18
    May 17100 Common
    May 16500 Common12 Risso’s
    May 15106 Common
    May 141,000 Common1 Blue Whale
    May 132,500 Common2 Blue Whales
    May 12150 Common2 Blue Whales
    May 11700 Common3 Blue Whales, 1 Fin Whale, 1 Sei Whale, 1 Humpback Whale
    May 102 Bottlenose500 Common2 Gray Whales
    May 9No Trip
    May 81,500 Common2 Humpback Whales
    May 7200 Common2 Gray Whales
    May 630 Bottlenose500 Common2 Gray Whales (Mother & Calf)
    May 51,500 Common1 Gray Whale
    May 412 Bottlenose1,150 Common60 Risso’s
    May 31,100 Common
    May 21,850 Common
    May 11,800 Common6 Gray Whales
    April 302,460 Common
    April 296 Gray Whales (Mother & Calf Pairs)
    April 28200 Common
    April 276 Bottlenose210 Common2 Gray Whales (Mother & CalF)
    April 26200 Common
    April 25200 Common2 Gray Whales (Mother & Calf), 1 Blue Whale
    April 24Happy Easter!
    April 231,400 Common4 Gray Whales, 2 Blue Whales
    April 22700 Common5 Gray Whales
    April 2112 Bottlenose490 Common17 Gray Whales
    April 20150 Common
    April 191,200 Common1 Gray Whale,1 Minke Whale
    April 1825 Bottlenose100 Common2 Gray Whales
    April 17300 Common4 Gray Whales
    April 168 Bottlenose300 Common
    April 156 Bottlenose950 Common1 Mola Mola
    April 14100 Common1 Gray WHale
    April 13200 Common1 Humpback Whale, 1 Gray Whale
    April 12550 Common3 Gray Whales
    April 1112 Bottlenose1,600 Common2 Fin Whales, 2 Gray Whales
    April 101,350 Common4 Gray Whales
    April 9700 Common1 Gray Whale
    April 8400 Common
    April 72 Bottlenose1 Gray Whale
    April 6200 Common
    April 5520 Common
    April 4560 Common2 Gray Whales, 1 Humpback Whale
    April 31,000 Common4 Gray Whales
    April 2400 Common
    April 1800 Common2 Gray Whales
    March 311,700 Common5 Gray Whales
    March 30450 Common1 Gray Whale
    March 2950 Common
    March 284 Gray Whales
    March 2740 Bottlenose12 Common5 Gray Whales
    March 26600 Common50 Pacific White-Sided8 Gray Whales
    March 25600 Common1 Gray Whale
    March 2450 Bottlenose300 Common3 Gray Whales
    March 23200 Common
    March 22500 Common3 Gray Whales
    March 21100 Common4 GRAY WHALES
    March 20100 Common
    March 19500 Common3 Gray Whales
    March 186 Bottlenose400 Common
    March 1710 Bottlenose100 Common2 Gray Whales
    March 1612 Bottlenose430 Common
    March 1525 Bottlenose140 Common
    March 14900 Common3 Gray Whales
    March 132 Bottlenose2,000 Common2 Gray Whales
    March 12950 Common12 Pacific White-Sided3 Gray Whales
    March 11400 Common
    March 10200 Common20 Pacific White-Sided
    March 9200 Common
    March 86 Bottlenose2 Gray Whales
    March 7No Trip
    March 6700 Common
    March 550 Bottlenose450 Common12 Pacific White-Sided12 Risso’s5 Gray whales
    March 4800 Common80 Pacific White-Sided
    March 3130 Common
    March 2750 Common
    March 1100 Common10 Pacific White-Sided
    February 281,100 Common2 Gray whales1 Rare Striped Dolphin
    February 2750 Bottlenose25 Pacific White-Sided
    February 262,000 Common
    February 2550 Common1 Gray Whale
    February 24400 Common20 Pacific White-Sided1 Gray Whale
    February 23150 Common20 Pacific White-Sided4 Gray Whales
    February 22650 Common4 Gray Whales
    February 21900 Common
    February 20800 Common3 Gray Whales
    February 191 Gray Whale
    February 18Inclement Weather
    February 17300 Common
    February 16Inclement Weather
    February 15300 Common
    February 141,700 Common3 Gray WhalesCasper the Albino Dolphin
    February 13800 Common3 Gray Whales
    February 122,400 Common8 Gray Whales
    February 1125 Bottlenose400 Common5 Gray Whales
    February 102 Gray Whales
    February 91,000 Common
    February 8No Trip
    February 7500 Common1 Gray Whale
    February 6200 Common
    February 510 Bottlenose600 Common20 Pacific White-Sided
    February 440 Pacific White-Sided
    February 324 Bottlenose18 Risso’s
    February 22 Gray Whales
    February 11,000 Common2 Gray Whales
    January 31300 Common5 Gray Whales
    January 302 Bottlenose500 Common1 Gray Whale
    January 29200 Bottlenose2,200 Common4 Gray Whales
    January 28200 Bottlenose200 Common20 Risso’s
    January 2750 Bottlenose1 Gray Whale
    January 26No Trip
    January 2512 Pacific White-Sided1 Gray Whale w/ Calf
    January 24500 Common
    January 2365 Common2 Gray Whales
    January 221,100 Common28 Risso’s5 Gray Whales
    January 21600 Common1 Gray Whale w/ Calf
    January 2050 Bottlnose1,000 Common2 Gray Whales
    January 19No Sightings
    January 18250 Common
    January 176,050 Common1 Gray Whale w/Calf1 Blue Shark
    January 1611 Bottlenose32 Risso’s
    January 159 Bottlenose1 Gray Whale
    January 142,050 Common20 Risso’s3 Gray Whales
    January 1350 Bottlenose2 Gray Whales
    January 12400 Common
    January 1122 Bottlenose1 Gray Whale
    January 108 Bottlenose250 Common
    January 915 Risso’s2 Gray Whales
    January 812 Bottlenose1,400 Common4 Gray Whales
    January 75,000 Common2 Gray Whales
    January 612 Bottlenose1 Gray Whale
    January 53,000 Common
    January 46 Bottlenose1,000 Common
    January 3No Trip
    January 21 Gray Whale
    Jan. 1, 20116 Bottlenose12 Risso’s3 Gray Whales

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