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About Blue Whales

Blue Whale Watching

In our opinion, blue whales are absolutely beautiful and breathtaking. These magnificent animals have smooth skin, marked only by the remora fish that hitch a ride to feed off the krill that spills from their mouths. The coloration is blue to light blue in a beautiful mottling that can be seen when up close. When a blue whale surfaces and exhales, the sound is unlike anything you’ve ever heard. As their breath is released at approximately 200 miles an hour and forced through blow holes that have a striking resemblance to our own noses, the water is vaporized, shooting into the air, sometimes as high as 30 feet. The sound seems to thunder, then echo. As their body glides through the water, it seems as if it never end. Then, as a bonus the tail, measuring between 12 and 15 feet wide will sometimes lift into the air, offering a magnificent display. The “oohs” and “aahs” abound. Captain Dave says, “Bigger than the dinosaurs, bigger than Elvis, the only thing bigger than a Blue Whale is God and you hear Him mentioned a lot when a Blue Whale is around… people are always saying, “Oh, my GOD!”

Blue whales are, and always has been, the largest animals ever to exist on earth. Blue whales can grow to a length of 33m (110ft) and weigh 200 tons, about a ton per foot, but on the average it is much smaller.

Blue Whale and Diver

Blue Whale and Diver Size Comparison

The Blue whale is called a “rorqual” a Norwegian word for “furrow” and refers to the pleated grooves running from its chin to its navel. The throat grooves, in addition to streamlining the shape of the whale, allow the throat area to expand tremendously during feeding, and can hold 1,000 tons or more of food and water when fully expanded. By taking tons of water into its mouth and filtering out the fish or krill with its baleen plates a medium-sized Blue whale can eat over four tons of krill a day.

Blue whale watching in Southern California is typically May through October. Captain Dave’s Whale Watching Safari has seen blue whales as early as February and as late as November.

Our daily whale watching trips to see blue whales are 2 and 1/2 hours.
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