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Dive Deeper into Ocean Education

Turn your students into junior marine naturalists!

Add new value to your school curriculum with Captain Dave’s education initiative all about the southern California coastline, its rich ecosystem, and the marine wildlife that calls it home.

Students of all ages are welcome to participate in our classroom on the water.

Designed with the budget-conscious teacher in mind, our education plan is the perfect introduction to an underwater world full of wonder and intrigue!

“You don’t have to go to SeaWorld. You can go to Dana Point and get on a boat, and see blue whales, and dolphins and all kinds of beautiful marine life…. I go with Captain Dave.”

– Renowned artist Wyland

Student Benefits

Boy holding up a set of shark jaws


You and your students will receive a grade-specific lab book covering topics such as oceanography, local species, and threats to our ocean’s health.

Each day is filled with rich information, colorful photos and graphics, and engaging activities.

Children within arm's reach of wild dolphins


The plan culminates in a dolphin and whale watching trip aboard our high-tech catamaran Manute’a.

Your students can get up close and personal with the incredible wildlife of the Dana Point coastline while they work to fill out their own field journals.

A child watches a humpback whale from the bow


Students will learn to be good stewards of the ocean aboard eco-friendly vessels.

We provide only sustainable wildlife viewing. None of our boats participate in sport fishing, an activity that can result in unintended by-catch.

Two dolphins underwater with inset image of child watching from Underwater Pods

Up Close & Personal

Students and teachers can get eye-to-eye underwater with dolphins and whales!

Kids will be able to feel what its like to swim with the animals, without getting wet, in our Underwater Viewing Pods on Manute’a.

What’s Included

  • A 5-day education plan lab book for each student in a PDF format.
  • Teacher’s copy of the 5-day education plan in PDF format.
  • Personalized dolphin and whale watching class or group trip.

We developed our lab book using the concept of “Explore, Examine, and Understand!” Each day’s lesson has experiment options for you and your students, an explanation page full of photos diagrams and graphs, and the option for students to do additional research on their own.

Cover of Marine Mammals Lab Book
Book Cover of Lily A Gray Whale's Odyssey and DVD Cover of Wild Dolphins & Whales of So. Calif.

Groups of 10 or more will receive one FREE copy of Captain Dave’s award winning book, Lily: A Gray Whale’s Odyssey and his award winning documentary DVD, Wild Dolphins & Whales of Southern California.

Engage and guide students through the book with our study guide designed for grades 4 to 6.

Students Will Learn While Having Fun

Captain Dave's whale watching catamaran and a humpback whale
Science isn’t just white lab coats and sterilized laboratories anymore! Using hands-on, teacher-approved, kid-tested experiments, your students will receive an introduction to various fields of study such as oceanography, coastal process, species identification, behaviors, marine pollution and more!

The curriculum culminates with a dolphin and whale watching safari aboard our high-tech catamaran Manute’a. Her exclusive features include two Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods, three Eye-Spy Dolphin & Whale Tram Nets on the bow, a research quality hydrophone to hear vocalizations underwater, micro-museum of dolphin and whale artifacts, and more. Manute’a is inspected and certified by the U. S. Coast Goard and meets all safety requirements.

Special Features of Manute’a

Killer whale from Underwater Pod during whale watch

Underwater Viewing

“Swim” with dolphins and whales in our one-of-a-kind Underwater Viewing Pods.
A child explores the Eye-Spy Dolphin and Whale Tram Nets

Eye-Spy Tram Nets

Three special tram nets across the bow put wildlife inches below hands and feet.
Listen to whales and dolphins underwater with hydrophone


Research quality hydrophone to hear vocalizations below the surface.
Chuck, a naturalist and Captain, shows off a krill sample during our whale watching safari


Up close and hands-on with dolphin and whale artifacts. And on-board marine naturalists provice expert narration.


We offer VERY special rates for school groups. They’re so good, we can’t publish them here! Please contact us for more information.

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