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Capt. Dave's Whale Watching Sightings Archive

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Since 2002, we have kept daily logs of our marine wildlife sightings during our whale watching trips. To view any previous daily sightings, click on the year you’d like to see.

Whales and dolphins are viewed throughout the year. We also see sea lions, elephant seals, harbor seal, sharks, pelagic birds, jellyfish, sea turtles, and more.

Every safari is different, and each offers a thrilling and memorable experience!

See the current year’s whale and dolphin sightings report.

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Where Can You See Blue Whales?

Summer is one of the most exciting seasons for Dana Point’s Whale Watching community. Summer means school’s out, and where can you see blue whales is widely dependent on what part of the ocean the krill is served up on the summer menu and most abundant. Warm summer months in Orange County bring out the…

What Weather is Best for Whale Watching?

Why should you book a whale watching trip in Dana Point? Over 275 days of sunshine each year earns Orange County the title for the best weather for whale watching. No matter what day you choose to go, it is likely you will be surrounded by sunshine and moderate whale watching weather. In our humble opinion, the best time…

Creating Eco Heroes at Home

“Does a whale have a belly button?” “Do ants yawn?” “Where does all of the trash go when it leaves our house?” Are these curious questions similar to those your little ones ask you? Or maybe YOU are the one who is interested in discovering more about the world around you and how you can…