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Capt. Dave's Whale Watching Sightings Archive

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Since 2002, we have kept daily logs of our marine wildlife sightings during our whale watching trips. To view any previous daily sightings, click on the year you’d like to see.

Whales and dolphins are viewed throughout the year. We also see sea lions, elephant seals, harbor seal, sharks, pelagic birds, jellyfish, sea turtles, and more.

Every safari is different, and each offers a thrilling and memorable experience!

See the current year’s whale and dolphin sightings report.

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Creating Eco Heroes at Home

“Does a whale have a belly button?” “Do ants yawn?” “Where does all of the trash go when it leaves our house?” Are these curious questions similar to those your little ones ask you? Or maybe YOU are the one who is interested in discovering more about the world around you and how you can…

What Does an Experienced Whale Watcher Have in Their Go Bag?

Did you just book a whale watching trip? And, are you already feeling excited about what you may see on your trip but aren’t sure what to bring on whale watching day? Experienced whale watchers anxiously await sighting their favorite animals and know rare sightings can happen at a moment’s notice. These feelings are one…

10 Things That Are Amazing About Blue Whales

Blue whales are unique because they are the largest animals on earth, live long lives, and have remarkable features. As the largest animal on earth, the blue whale is arguably the most fascinating of the great rorqual or baleen whales. As you read below, you will explore 10 amazing blue whale facts that will challenge the depth…