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  • Mother's Day 30% Discount

Mother’S Day Dolphin And Whale Watching

Mom is 30% off with purchase of full fare adult

Quick Details

  • Mom’s ticket is 30% off when you use promo code ‘MOM30‘. Must be purchased with a full fare adult ticket.
  • Discount can be used for trips on May 11 or May 12, 2019
  • Discount good on our 2.5-hour Signature Dolphin & Whale Safari or 2-hour Zodiac Dolphin & Whale Safari
  • You could see blue, fin, humpback or gray whales, several species of dolphins, sea lions and seals, pelagic birds, and much more!
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$ 65

This Mother’s Day weekend, help mom empty her bucket list on the tour that “…offers the best whale watching in the world…”

What do our passengers say?

Awesome excursion!
This is the second or third time we’ve gone on an adventure with Captain Dave. The staff is always friendly and professional the quality of to her outstanding and the experience overall great for our naturalist family! On Mother’s Day it was a special treat to see the baby dolphins and baby whales with their moms. Truly the best operator in Southern California and we’ve tried a few. Will be back! – 5 star TripAdvisor review from William D.

TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame award

Mother’s Day Idea: Dolphin and Whale Watching

If Mom prefers a leisurely cruise, our 2.5-hour Signature Dolphin & Whale Safari aboard catamarans Manute’a, DolphinSafari, or Lily are a great choice.

Manute’a (pronounced mah-noo-tay-ah) is our catamaran sailboat featuring our exclusive Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods. The two “pods” give you the extraordinary experience of feeling what it’s like to swim with dolphins and whales, underwater, without getting wet!

DolphinSafari offers an intimate cruise for up to 20 guests and features a bow with Eye-Spy Dolphin Nets to get you so close to the water that you feel as though you can touch the animals!

Lily is our upscale power catamaran with features such as cushioned bow seating, full galley with snacks and drinks, covered upper sun deck with cushioned seating, and more.

Is Mom the adventurous type? She might prefer our super fast and fun 2-hour Zodiac Dolphin & Whale Safari aboard Fast Cat. Our zodiac only carries up to 12 guests, and with speeds up to 30 knots, you’ll spend less time looking for animals and more time enjoying them!

All the boats have live narration from expert marine naturalists, for an up-close and immersive whale watching experience that is fun and educational.

And of course, Mrs. Capt. Dave’s mouthwatering Triple Fudge Brownies are served complimentary!

What We’re Seeing

May is a great time for dolphin and whale watching! Dana Point is the World’s Whale Capital™ and blessed to have moderate weather all year long.

Gray Whales Galore! During the winter and spring months, the animal that started the whale watching industry in Dana Point can be seen migrating along the coast. And locals know Dana Point to be one of the best places to view thousands of gray whales on their annual journey. Gray whales are often seen within a mile or two outside of Dana Point Harbor and are believed to use Dana Point’s headlands as a landmark on their migration.

Join us during Mother’s Day weekend for a chance to experience “Calves & Coves”, when we visit our local coves to see if gray whale mothers and calves are nearby.

Gray Whale illustration

Gray Whale

We saw Dana Point’s first blue whale of 2019 in early April. And had over 30 encounters with blue whales throughout the month, even though the season does not typically begin until May. Mother’s Day weekend is a great time to see the largest known animal to have ever lived on earth!

blue whale illustration

Blue Whale

This time of year we also see playful humpback whales, large and sleek fin whales, and curious minke whales, too.

Humpback Whale Illustration

Humpback Whale

We also see orcas (killer whales) throughout the year. They can appear at any time, without warning, so have your camera ready! Or you might even have a rare encounter with pilot whales, false killer whales, or sperm whales. False killer whales paid us visits in April!

Orca (killer whale) illustration


Hold on to your hats because we’re not done yet! Several species of wild dolphins are seen throughout the year, some in pods that can number up to 10,000. Imagine nothing but dolphins in every direction as far as the eye can see! And it’s during these cooler months that we see one of our favorite dolphins, the beautiful pacific white-sided dolphin They prefer cooler water temps, so now is the best time of year to view them! And that’s not all. Over 50 species of pelagic birds, sea lions, seals, and sharks, including the great white, mako, hammerhead, thresher, and more could be encountered.

Cetacean Declaration – Sightings Guarantee

Sightings Guarantee Capt Dave'sYou might be wondering, “what if I don’t see anything”? Though we locate whales or dolphins on over 95% of our trips, there are rare occasions when we don’t see any marine mammals. And in that unlikely event – zero whales or dolphins – you can return for FREE within one year from the date of the trip.

Join us for the adventure of a lifetime! Book your Mother’s Day dolphin and whale watching cruise now!

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