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Gray Whale Entangled In Metal Frame

Gray Whale with Metal Frame Around Head

What We Know About This Entangled Whale

April 1, 2017
A gray whale, migrating north with what appeared to be some type of metal frame around its head, was first seen near Dana Point, California.

April 3, 2017
The whale was re-sighted near Santa Barbara. Unfortunately, it was too late in the day for rescuers to attempt a disentanglement.

April 5, 2017
The entangled gray whale was seen again off of Piedras Blancas (central California). Based on estimated travel speeds, the animal could be near Monterey, Calif., on April 6.

The whale is traveling close to shore and averaging speeds of less than 3 knots.

If You See The Whale

Call the NOAA Entanglement Hotline at 1-877-SOS-WHALe (1-877-767-9425) or hail the Coast Guard on VHF Ch. 16. Learn more about NOAA’s marine mammal disentanglement network.

DO NOT approach the whale or try to disentangle it. If you can, stay with the whale from a safe distance and document its location and direction. Take photos or videos when possible.

In The News

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