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Capt. Dave's Blog

Whales and Dolphins

Swim With Dolphins – Is It a Good Idea?

Bow riding common dolphin looks at photographer from underwater

When it comes to activities to take part in during your next weekend getaway, one may pull out their handy dandy bucket list and explore the bright colored bullet points that have been building up since New Year’s. Whether you’re young, single, retired, or trekking about with a truck full of tykes and looking for…

What It’s Like to Touch Gray Whales

Gray whale calf looking up from the water

When it comes to interacting with animals, one may recall the last time they pet a fluffy feline or ruffled the ears of a genial dog, but what if petting a mammal included not only a four-legged pal but a giant and friendly gray whale? In the San Ignacio Lagoon (Laguna San Ignacio), located in…

Does Whale Watching Harm Whales?

Blue whale heads towards Captain Dave's whale watching catamaran

In 1950, a large group of curious land-living folk stood near the Cabrillo National Monument in San Diego, California, as they peered across the deep blue to catch sight of the barnacle speckled gray whales that were migrating through the area. A handful of years later in 1955, the first water-based whale watching expeditions took…

How to Whale Watch Like a Pro

Fin whale heading right at passengers on the bow of Capt. Dave's catamaran

So you’re itching to throw on your sailor hat and trek out into the deep blue for a dose of some magnificent whale watching? Whale, that’s the best idea we’ve heard all day! For an adventure so grand, one so wise would never want to be caught ill-prepared for such an outing. Here at Captain…