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Capt. Dave's Blog


7 (Covid) Safe Activities To Do In Orange County

Humpback whale flukes next to whale watching zodiac, Fast Cat

There is no better time to spend more time outdoors in Orange County. With COVID rules, regulations and face mask policies updating and changing frequently, you may be wondering what types of safe outdoor activities Orange County has to offer to make your vacation, staycation or day of fun with your family enjoying the beautiful…

20 in ‘20: Our Twenty New Year’s Resolutions For 2020

Happy New Year 2020 on Beach Background

An incredible year and decade is behind us. With our hearts full of gratitude for the amazing experiences and memories we’ve shared with marine wildlife, passengers, and one another, we can’t help but look forward to the upcoming year with hope and happiness. As we head into 2020, we as a team at Captain Dave’s…

Go Green for the Holidays: How To Have An Eco-Friendly Christmas

Christmas gifts wrapped in recycled paper on wood background

The joy of the holiday season is at our doorstep and we couldn’t be more thrilled. With Christmas lights, lists, and love abounding, we look forward to the magical moments spent with loved ones near and far. This festive season has our hearts full of gratitude for the beautiful blessings in our life, including the…

Benefits of Gratitude Scientifically Proven: Giving Thanks Can Make You Happier

Sign on blue wood with writing that says Gratitude Changes Everything

In our world today, we are introduced, acquainted and bombarded with a multiplicity and slew of items, tasks, and ideas that vie for our attention and energy. From deadlines, diaper changing, and driving to pick up the kids from daycare, to getting ready for that big presentation at work and cutting back on water waste…

Why It’s Important To Connect With Nature

Blue whale surfaces in front of whale watchers near Dana Point, CA

On our planet today, we are blessed to be surrounded by an incredible ambiance of beauty.  From oceans, hillsides, rivers, streams, mountain tops, and vibrant green vistas, we share space with some of the most awe-inspiring landscapes that one could imagine. Although many of these remarkable views are right outside our front door, an alarming…

Gratitude: 16 Things To Be Thankful For

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed Wording

Update 12-November-2020 Our original post was written in 2018, long before ‘coronavirus’ became part of our daily conversations. At that time, we never could have guessed how truly thankful for toilet paper we would be two years later! LOL! Who knew that the spring of 2020 would not only bring tulips, sunshine, and rain showers,…