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Go Green

Earth Day Activities

The youngest generations will be the ones to live with the most devastating effects of climate change and plastic pollution. Every April 22 is Earth Day and this year’s Earth Day theme focuses on Investing in Our Planet. There are plenty of Earth Day activities we can do in our day-to-day lives that create impactful…

Why Balloons Blow

Balloon safety is critical in keeping our oceans safe and clean for many sea birds, whales, dolphins, turtles, sea lions, seals, sharks, fish, and more! The simple act of watching a balloon float into the sky causes fatal harm to curious ocean animals living down below the ocean’s surface. Nothing says “let’s celebrate” like a bouquet…

Recreational Fishing Line and Bird Bycatch

Today, we would like to tell you a little story. As you read the words below, we ask you to place yourself on the water’s edge and join us on a journey by the sea. Here we go…. You cast out your various types of fishing line as you stand upon the jetty just above…

Earth Day Every Day: Little Things You Can Do to Help Keep the Oceans Clean

Our oceans are both stunning and extraordinary. Bringing life, energy, and beauty to our planet, they remind us of the remarkable earth we live on. Their vast and gorgeous waters are filled with incredible inhabitants and ecosystems that leave us humbled and grateful. Although the world beneath the surface is astonishing, alive, and awe-inspiring, there…

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