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Whale Entanglement Part 3: How to Prevent Entangled Whales

Entangled humpback whale thrashing its tail

Whale entanglement in fishing gear is affecting the whale population at an astounding rate. A record number of entangled whales have been reported since the early 2000s, putting large whales such as blue whales, humpback whales, and gray whales, at great risk of injury and death. Whales that become entangled in fishing line and fishing…

Whale Entanglement Part 2: How Entangled Whales Are Rescued

Capt Dave, Dana, Mark remove net from entangled gray whale

With over 300,000 marine mammals, including large whales, dolphins, and porpoises, dying every year from fishing gear entanglement, this worldwide devastating phenomenon is catching the attention of people around the globe. While our oceans are both vast and incredible, what takes place below the surface with fishing gear, line, and traps is alarming. Even more…

Whale Entanglement Part 1: How Whales Become Entangled

Gray Whale with Metal Frame Around Head

All across the globe, an extraordinary amount of marine mammals are cruising about our vast and incredible oceans. Although these majestic and graceful creatures migrate, feed, and dwell amid some of nature’s most pristine locations, a catastrophic occurrence is taking place beneath the surface of the swells. This heartbreaking happening is the devastating reality of…

14 Eco-Friendly Gift Ideas for Valentine’s Day

Multiple blue hearts form the shape of a whale for Valentine's Day

Nothing says Valentine’s Day like a fresh bouquet of roses, a sparkling piece of jewelry, and your favorite colored teddy bear. These gifts and others have been given for hundreds of years in celebration of the famous holiday called Valentines. Although this day brings forth candy, companionship, cuddles, and kisses, it originally began back in…

Top 5 Reasons to Go Whale Watching

A humpback whale tail during Dana Point whale watching cruise

When looking for the best whale watching in California, one of our most frequently asked questions includes where one can take part in a whale watching near Los Angeles excursion. Finding the best whale watching in Southern California is a quest many are undergoing and we are elated to share some stellar good news with…