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As January comes to an end we are marveling at the huge number of gray whale sightings we’ve had this month. We’re up 65% from last January. And considering January 2014 was epic in it’s own right (160% better than January 2013) that’s quite a feat. With over 300 encounters, we’re seeing March-like numbers in January! Wow!


Each year gray whales leave the cold feeding grounds of the Bering and Chukchi Seas to make a 12,000 mile round trip journey to Baja, California, and back. In the warm and protected lagoons of Baja the gray whales mate and give birth to their calves. It’s possible we’re seeing more gray whales due to the whales migrating closer to shore.

Gray Whale

Gray whales have one of the longest migrations of any mammal. Along the way they face many threats including killer whales and entanglement in fishing gear. Nearly 1,000 dolphins and whales die every day, worldwide, in fishing gear entanglement. Captain Dave organized Orange County’s first whale disentanglement group and has successfully disentangled several gray whales, including the gray whale Lily, whose rescue made national headlines.

Gray Whale

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