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Super Safari

Join Capt. Dave on the Ultimate Adventure
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Captain Dave will be your guide during this unique 8-hour dolphin and whale watching Super Safari aboard our 62-foot power catamaran, Lily.

Lily offers luxury dolphin and whale watching with features that include a beautifully appointed cabin and pilothouse, both with comfortable seating and panoramic windows. The bow and shaded upper sundeck have cushioned seating and rails enclosed with glass for extra wind protection.

With the extended safari time, Captain Dave will have better opportunies to show you more animals, and you’ll have more to spend viewing and photographing the whales and dolphins.

Trip Date: Saturday, December 30, 2017

Trip Time: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Cost: $130 per person*, all ages (a $208 value)

*Returning guests: please be sure to reserve by calling us at 949-488-2828 so we can look up your special repeat discount.

Complimentary Boxed Lunches

Guests who reserve no later than 3:00 p.m. on December 24 will receive one free delicious boxed lunch and refreshing bottle of water.

Each boxed lunch will include a tasty sandwich, fresh fruit (usually an apple), potato chips, and dessert (usually cookies).

When reserving your Super Safari tickets, you can choose one of the following sandwich types for your boxed lunch:

Turkey & Swiss w/ Dijon Mayo

Turkey & Swiss Cheese with Dijon Mayo Sandwich

Ham & Swiss Croissant

Ham and Swiss Cheese on a Croissant

Italian Vegetable Wrap

Italian Vegetable Wrap Sandwich

What could you “sea” on your safari?

Gray Whales have already begun the southbound leg of their 12,000 mile round-trip migration.  Have your camera ready because these whales can be unpredictable, jumping out of the water without warning or even coming right over to the boat!

Every year Gray Whales make one of the longest migrations of any mammal.

You might also see huge Fin Whales, the second largest whale after the Blue Whale, and also one of the fastest. Fin whales have been nicknamed the greyhound of the sea.

On the opposite end of the size scale, we also encounter Minke Whales, the smallest baleen whale we see. And sometimes those little Minkes can be rather friendly with whale watchers!

Energetic Humpback Whales, too, are around in December. Even more so than Gray Whales, Humpbacks are well known for their incredible acrobatic displays of strength and agility.

Don’t worry, dolphin fans. We see several species of dolphins in December too, including the unique black and white…. not those dolphins…. Pacific White-sided Dolphins! During our Super Safari we could spend time with a mega-pod of Common Dolphins, or an exciting pod of offshore Bottlenose Dolphins. There is nothing quite like having a wild dolphin turn on its side and look you in the eye!

Any number of rare animals could be encountered during our Super Safari. Orcas could be seen at anytime during the year, but we most often see them between November and February. Will our favorite pod of transient Killer Whales pay us another visit one last time in 2017? Join our Super Safari and find out!

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