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Dolphin and Whale Watching Hydrophone!

Captain Dave’s Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari offers the most unique whale watching in the world. One of the reasons we are the best is the special equipment that Capt. Dave has provided on his boats.

Hear the dolphin underwater with Capt. Dave’s Research Quality Hydrophone!

Our customized underwater microphone is able to filter out engine noise and water sounds. What that means is we are able to keep the boat moving, keeping you inside the pod, while we trail the unit behind us. The result is a multi-dimensional experience that you’ll never forget. Keep in mind, these sounds are amplified 25 times when you’re on the boat and broadcast in stereo on our state-of-the-art speakers. You’ll not only see the megapod, you’ll hear them rushing towards you! Watch the video below to hear what our hydrophone is like.

While it may sound like static, it’s actually thousands of clicks as the pod turns towards us. If you listen closely you’ll hear whistles too!

Picture this — a thousand dolphins are swimming directly at you. You hear their splish-splashes as they near you. Your eyes wander from dolphin to dolphin unable to focus on one before they are underwater again and another appears your heart races, time stops, you want to tell somebody what you are seeing it is so surreal. Couldn’t get any better right? Wrong! You’re only experiencing half of what is going on. Imagine that same scenario with a hydrophone, (an underwater microphone), in the water.

Let me describe what I heard this week through our new hydrophone. (Note: We have had a hydrophone for years, but nothing like this custom, super sensitive, expensive beauty, that filters out nearly all the engine and water noise.) We can actually use this hydrophone while we are following the dolphins, instead of having to stop the boat to listen to them. I feel like a whole new dimension has opened up to us, and our encounters with the dolphins are even richer and more intimate than before.

Anyway, let me describe one such encounter we had this week. As the mega-pod approached us we heard a few distinct clicks that sounded like a Geiger- counter. Then as they got closer, they got louder, and faster, and stronger until it sounded like a million Geiger-counters and actually overpowered our speakers sounding almost like a jet engines noise as the multitudes of dolphin reached us. Then as they passed us these very directional clicks, (which are actually sonar used by the dolphins to “see” underwater), stopped and the water suddenly got almost quiet except the whistles of the dolphins communicating to one another. These whistles which are less directional, high pitched and vary in length from short bursts to long bird like sounds faded away as the dolphins moved away from us. I can’t help wondering what it would be like to be a sardine and hear that army of sound steadily marching towards you.

Excerpt from Capt. Dave’s Ocean Report on July 7, 2005

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