Capt. Dave’s Shark Safari

Captain Dave's marine naturalist Daryn Cazin points out juvenile Great White Shark to passengers.

Thanks to customer demand, we are offering special Shark Safaris to view great white sharks and other sea life.

Tour Length: 90 minutes
Cost: $65 per person
Schedule: Shark Safaris have been suspended for now.*

*Shark safaris are available for a limited time. We don’t know how long the great white sharks will be here, so reserve your seats now!
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The Shark Safaris are aboard our high-speed, rigid hull inflatable catamaran, Fast Cat. This zodiac-style boat offers you the closest opportunity of any Dana Point tour vessel to view the apex predators in their natural environment. With a capacity of up to 12 passengers, Fast Cat offers a more intimate shark watching experience. Passengers may also use their own GoPro on a stick (at their own risk) to film close-ups of the sharks.

Fast Cat has passed a series of rigorous U.S. Coast Guard safety inspections to become Dana Point’s only Coast Guard inspected and certified rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB). Shark watchers will be able to enjoy great white sharks and other wildlife while comfortably seated under a large custom sunshade. And Fast Cat’s high speed engines will get you to the sharks quickly!


Important Fast Cat Safety & Comfort Information

Minimum Age
• The minimum age requirement on open trips is 8 years old. On private charters the minimum age is 4 years old.

Health Conditions
• Due to the high speed and fun, but bumpy, ride you must be in good overall health and have good mobility. We do not allow anyone who has head, neck, or back injuries, is pregnant, or has any current problem that could be aggravated by this type of ride. If you have disabilities, or are not able to meet any of these conditions, please consider a Dolphin & Whale Safari aboard one of our larger catamarans or feel free to contact us to learn which boat might be best for your needs.

Liability Waiver
• A signed liability waiver is required for each person before boarding Fast Cat. Parents or legal guardians please sign a waiver on behalf of each of your children. Download the waiver for Fast Cat.

• Please be advised that there is no bathroom on Fast Cat. Restroom facilities on land are available to use before boarding.

Personal Items
• Our zodiac boat has ample cushioned seating for all passengers. However, space for stowing belongings is not available.  No over-sized bags or coolers are allowed. Please limit what you bring to only what can fit on your lap. Waist-packs, mini backpacks, and small camera sling bags are good examples of what to carry your belongings in.

Food & Beverages
• Because this vessel offers a fast and bouncy ride, plastic-bottled beverages that can be closed and easy-to-eat dry snacks such as granola bars or cookies are best. Open cans of drinks are not permitted.

Ocean Spray
• Fast Cat is very low to the water, and as a result, you may encounter ocean spray. Please keep electronics, camera equipment, and any other items you don’t want wet secure while the boat is underway. You’re welcome to bring a GoPro but please do not attempt underwater filming until after the boat has slowed down and your Captain gives the OK.

• Capt. Dave’s Fast Cat has a very low center of gravity. For anyone concerned about feeling seasick, this means the boat might feel more comfortable. Also, with less time on the water, Fast Cat may be a good option for those worried about feeling sick.