Sail with the Whales Sailing Charters

Our “sail with the whales” private sailing charters offer two popular Southern California activities in one: sailing and whale watching!

While most vessels do one or the other, our sailing catamaran Manute’a can do both.

Most whale watching boats are power boats. They can’t give you the option of shutting down the engines and enjoying the quiet that comes with sailing. And no other sailboat has been specially outfitted like Manute’a for dolphin and whale watching. We can combine the best of both worlds for the perfect Dana Point sailing charter.

Manute’a is our high-tech, high-speed sailing catamaran that has been specially designed by Captain Dave to provide the best dolphin and whale watching experience possible. Manute’a features the world’s only Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods. You can be one of the pod and feel what its like to swim with dolphins and whales without getting wet! The Eye-Spy Dolphin and Whale Tram Nets on the bow get you really up close and person with the animals. Our underwater hydrophone lets you hear the dolphins communicate. Throughout the sailing charter our knowledgeable crew will teach you how the dolphins and whales live. And Mrs. Captain Dave’s yummy triple fudge brownies are served as a special treat when you return to the dock.

To reserve your Sail with the Whales sailing charter please call us at 949-488-2828. Our Charter Coordinator is ready to help you with all aspects of arranging the perfect Dana Point whale watching and sailing charter.

We see whales throughout the year plus up to five different species of wild dolphins on a regular basis, including mega-pods that can number up to 10,000 dolphins. Our area has the largest concentration of dolphins and blue Whales on earth.

Sailing conditions may dictate what animals we are able to find. Your Charter Coordinator will work with you to customize the sailing charter and help provide an optimal sailing and whale watching experience.

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 949-488-2828.