Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari Prices

“…this tour offers the best whale watching in the world…” – CBS, Los Angeles


Daily Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari Prices

2 and 1/2-hour Signature Safari aboard Manute’a:
Manute’a is the primary vessel used for our daily dolphin and whale watching trips.
Adults: $65 per person
Children, ages 1 to 12: $45 per child
Infants, up to 12 months: $20.00 per infant


Our high-tech catamaran “Manute’a” is never crowded with a maximum of 49 passengers. On the bow our Eye-Spy Dolphin Nets offer an up close visit with dolphins and whales. You can be one of the pod and feel what it’s like to swim with dolphins underwater without getting wet in our two Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods. Knowledgeable marine naturalists explain how these animals live while you see and touch our collection of whale and dolphin artifacts. You can listen below the surface too with our hydrophone. And Mrs. Capt. Dave’s yummy triple fudge brownies are served as a special treat on every safari! Learn more about whale watching on Manute’a.

Manute'a Eye-Spy Dolphin Nets Fun for KidsChildren of all ages enjoy whale watching on Manute’a. Find out why.


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On select dates throughout the year our other customized whale watching vessels may also be available for open trips.

DolphinSafariLilyFast Cat Capt. Dave’s original catamaran is so close to the water that it’s like viewing dolphins and whales from a kayak. 2 and 1/2 hours, $65 per adult, $45 per child (ages 1 to 12), $20 per infant (up to 12 months).

Lily: Capt. Dave’s luxury power catamaran features cushioned bow seating, upper deck with wind and sun protection, and a beautifully appointed interior. 2 and 1/2 hours, $65 per person, all ages.
Lily with Blue Whale
Fast Cat: Capt. Dave’s newest and fastest catamaran is a high-speed adrenaline rush for groups of up to 12 passengers. 90 minutes, $65 per person, ages 8 and up. (No kids under 8 permitted, unless it’s a private charter.)
Fast Cat




Compare all of our dolphin and whale watching vessels.



Daily Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari Times

We have safaris to see the amazing dolphins and whales of Southern California every day. Departure times can vary by date. For schedule, availability, and reservations please call 949-488-2828 or check our schedule and reserve online. We suggest reserving at least one week in advance.

Call us seven days a week: 949-488-2828


Private Dolphin & Whale Watching Charters

Private charters aboard all of our boats can also be arranged for your family, employees, or corporate group at a time of your choice. Please call us at 949-488-2828 to speak with a Charter Manager.


What Will I See On The Dolphin and Whale Watching Trip?

Cetacean Declaration Badge: If you don't see any dolphins or whales, join us again for FREE within 1 yearWe take you on a 2 and 1/2 hour fun-filled ocean adventure. We see whales and dolphins all year round! Blue whales and gray whales are encountered seasonally and throughout the year fin whales, minke whales, and humpback whales are seen. Once in a while killer whales, Bryde’s whales, sei whales, sperm whales, pilot whales, and false killer whales are spotted. Five species of wild dolphins are seen including long and short-beaked common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, Risso’s dolphins, and pacific white-sided dolphins. Sometimes we see mega-pods of dolphins that number in the thousands! We also see sea lions, harbor seals, several types of marine birds, and even sharks including great white sharks and rare basking sharks.

What We See
Learn more about the dolphinswhales, and other marine wildlife that we see year-round.
Latest Photos And Videos
For the latest sightings news, photos, and videos from our safaris, find us on Facebook.


It can be cooler out on the water so a jacket or windbreaker is a good idea. The Southern California sun is wonderful but don’t forget to protect your eyes and skin with sunglasses and sunscreen. And, of course, you’ll want to bring a camera!

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I had friends from out of town that are real ocean, whale and dolphin watchers. We went to Dana Wharf tours the day before and the tours were night and day. The crew on Captain Daves were fantastic. The main guide Tom was fantastic, funny and knowledgeable. This is an outfit that is here to make a difference for the ocean with big hearts. This is the tour I will now use over and over again. The boat was fantastic, smooth, clean and far nicer than other tours I have been on. Being on the catamaran net you could almost touch the dolphins and the under water pods were a fantastic experience. Tom got the kids involved and excited. Truly a great experience.Amy H.