Whale Watching Reviews

A few of the wonderful letters and reviews we have received from people all over the world who joined us on Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari.

Tell us what you think about our dolphin and whale watching trips!

Marilyn Moore from California Baptist University

I have been out more than 50 times over 11 years. I am never disappointed! Even when looking for shy grays, we always find other treasures. You cannot get too much of these incredible creatures!

Taylor Merrill

October 24,2013   Dear Captain Dave,   I wanted to express my gratitude for the incredible experience, and the above and beyond service you and your staff provide for your guests. In January of this year, my friends and I made a road trip from Utah to California to visit my family. We only had a few items on our 'agenda and one of them was to go whale watching. Unfortunately we waited until the last minute to make our reservation, and were incredibly discouraged to discover that you were completely booked for the day. However, your wonderful receptionist made the effort to not only find us another boat, but to open it up for other guests so we didn't' have to pay the charter price.   I can't say enough good things about your reservation staff, out the excursion itself was definitely the highlight of our trip. It couldn't have been more perfect. The crew on the ship were funny, friendly, and incredibly knowledgeable. It was fun for our entire group, which ranged from 40 to 6 years old. We were able to see dolphins, fish, sea lions, and we followed a set of whales that kept breaching the water for almost half an hour. Nothing compared, however, to watching the sun set over the horizon. It was the perfect ending to one of the best vacations of my life: It was no surprise that my family booked our next whale watching trip through you again in March, and were just as satisfied.   Thank you for making our experience so meaningful, and for running your business with a standard of excellence that truly sets you apart from other companies. I would recommend Dave's Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari to anyone looking for an adventure in California.   Sincerely,   Taylor Merrill

Stan Giles from Stan Giles

January 3, 2011
“Capt” Dave Anderson

Dear Mr. Anderson, I promised myself that in 2011 I would write fifty letters to people for whom I am grateful. Most will be friends, but this first one involves you, a stranger to me.

Last March my wife and I traveled to your area for a week of vacation with some good friends. She had on her list of things to do, to go whale watching. You showed up at the Marriott resort and even offered a very generous military discount, so the decision to spend an afternoon on one of your boats was very easy. While I’m not quite as excited about whales as my wife is, she doesn’t ask for much in life and so a pleasant afternoon on a boat in beautiful California was not much of a sacrifice on my part.

I wanted to thank you for the absolutely enjoyable afternoon! It was perfect, or at least nearly so! I sort of expected a mercenary trip, using minimal fuel and time, but to my pleasant surprise I found myself on a boat with someone who has a passion for customer service. Even though whales did not immediately appear, your captain stayed with it and eventually we were rewarded with some beautiful sights. While late returning, it was well worth it.

Then you offered a DVD at a very reasonable price and even offered a free one to teachers, such as my wife. I sensed within your organization a desire to combine profit with passion and I was impressed with such.

I’m a Christian, a rather conservative one at that, and while being environmentally sensitive is somewhat in Christian vogue right now, it hasn’t always been the case but I always believed in a “theology of ecology” and God’s call in our lives to manage and even protect His creation. I always wondered, does anyone really want to live in a dirty world?

So when I actually watched the DVD I was touched with your choice of closing songs and I watched the joy and intricacies of God’s creation in those beautiful mammals for which you have devoted your life to protecting.

Anyway, thank you! I won’t guess at your motives, whether you embrace my Christian faith or not, but regardless you are doing a good thing and I commend you for it. If my travels ever return us to Dana Point, we will almost certainly rejoin you for another day of watching God’s creation dance on the waves.


DJ Duronslet

Hi there!

My name is DJ Duronslet, and I happen to be one of the VERY fortunate people that was on your boat today – when we came upon a pod of Fin Whales… I can’t even BEGIN to tell you how incredibly surreal the entire experience was….

We were all in shock, that many of us missed camera opportunities — it was hard to resist just watching with your jaw dropped, and your mouth wide open… The “oooooo-ing and awwww-ing” was constant…. We even saw them breach!!! AMAZING…

At times, we were surrounded… Literally, there were whales all around us…. SOOOOO close to the boat that a couple of times, they startled me!!!

It was the most fabulous trip I have ever experienced… This was my 5th trip with your company – and I know for sure that I will be a customer for life – - – not because I have ANY hope of duplicating today’s experience… I sincerely doubt that anyone could be so fortunate as to have that happen TWICE – but – - because of the generosity shown us today by extending the boat trip…

We had dolphins – whales – and the most beautiful sunset I’ve seen in forever…. I can’t begin to thank you enough….

I am sending you the best video I have – thus far…. I understand that you need these quickly…. If I find anything else that you can perhaps cut/paste, etc., I will send that to you as well…

Thanks again…
Warmest Regards.

from Pastor Chuck Franco

Hello Captain Dave,

I just wanted to tell you that my wife and I had a wonderful trip on with you on November 10th. I don’t know if you remember me, but I was wearing the USC sweatshirt and hat.

We really enjoyed our time with you and were really blessed by your presentation at the conclusion of our trip. I knew that you were a Christian by your presentation and it was a real blessings to hear you speak in your subtle way about how evolution could not be right.

We bought your DVD, and what a tremendous DVD it is!!! I really enjoyed the whole DVD, but especially the last scene where you show the different dolphins and whales jumping out of the water with the song “Let Everything that has breath praise the Lord” playing in the background. I could really see that those animals were praising the Lord and it made my heart glad! I
was rejoicing with them and thanking God for such a awesome creation He made for us to enjoy!!

Keep up the great work! We hope to see you some time soon. And we plan on bringing our sons and their girlfriends and maybe others with us.

God Bless You.

from Scott and Lisa Worden , Eugene, OR

I wanted to email you and let you know what a great time we had on our dolphin safari July 4th, 2005. We had planned a family vacation to the San Diego area and read about your trips in the AAA book. I called and booked our “safari” a few weeks in advance. The women who answered the phone was very friendly and helpful. She gave us all the information we needed to be prepared and have a wonderful time. As we boarded the boat, “Captain Bob” and Mark instructed us on what to expect and were very friendly. It wasn’t too long before we were in the middle of a pod of dolphins. What an outstanding experience. To see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat made me realize just how special this really was. We saw very small dolphins probably only 1-2 days old. Mark was very knowledgeable and shared many facts that made watching these dolphins more enjoyable. Our vacation is now over, suitcases unpacked, film developed, suntans fading however, we all agree the dolphin safari was the best part of the family vacation. Thank you very much for such as wonderful experience we plan to visit Dave’s Dolphin Safari again.


from Chris Stafford

We have been on Captain Dave’s safari adventure at least four times, and always have a good experience, whether we see dolphin’s or not. The staff is friendly and make the whole experience pleasant, from making reservations to the brownies at the end of the trip. Dave is knowledgeable and fun to travel with. We will return as often as we can.

from Ronna Hughes

We Loved it and are planning on coming back. Thanks for a great family day.

from Joanne Rhodes & Charles Fitzsimmons

We had such a great time on your boat, the miles of dolphins we came into made our trip unforgettable!
Will definitely book again this summer and bring the kids next time. Thanks again.

from Raze Family

Boat was great and just the right size for getting up close & personal with dolphins. I like the smaller size boat.
We had a great time and kids loved it too. Enjoyed your DVD very much and have watched it several times since! (We’ve recently moved from so. Cal. to Minnesota, so we desperately miss the ocean!) Thanks so much for all the information about dolphins and whales.

from Bill Moodyman

I had a wonderful experience. We saw everything that we had hoped for. It was a dream come true for my wife. We plan on taking this safari again when we are in the area. Thank you for memories we will have for a life time.

from Suzanne Cannings and James Richards, Stafford, Staffordshire in England

Hi, we went on one of your safari adventures last summer (June 6) my birthday present to James while we were over visiting my brother. We had a wonderful time and still talk to our friends of it now…showed them the DVD too. We will come again too…in the meantime it is lovely to have your very informative updates. Thank you again for a memorable time!!

from kirk miller

Dear dave,i just want you to know how much my wife joan,and i enjoy your updates on the ocean activity.we came about 9 months ago for a ride on your boat and realy enjoyed the experiance.we came to try and see blue whales,but no luck on that day.we still enjoyed the day.thank you for efforts on the well being of such great creatures.keep up the good work.

from Ruth in the U.K.

You won’t remember us Dave and Giselle, but we are family from Cheltenham who went out with you last August and had a great time,e. We saw several common dolphins and no whales, but as we read your report each time it arrives, we can really imagine what you’re seeing. We bought your video and watch it a lot. I really want my children to appreciate the beautiful world, and recognise it is worth working for, so thanks for keeping sharing this with us.

from Pauline & Joshua

Hi Captain Dave
My son and I have been whale watching with you and he is amazed. Seems to me like he has been writing a story which looks like might turn into a book. I am going to foward to you. Thank you so much for the fun and facts you have taught to my son and I.

from Avery & Sally Richey

We enjoy the dolphin/whale trips and plan on coming again and bringing with us four (4) German Exchange students (high schoolers) from Dusseldorf. Can I get a discount for the six of us, say for Thursday, March 24th? We will be staying at Capistrano Surfside Inn that week.
Thank you.

from Linda Smith

I don’t know if I will ever be down in that area again to take a trip, but I had a fabulous time on the trip I DID take….we saw 4 blue whales and stayed out so long I had a $30 parking ticket, which was worth every penny. I enjoy receiving the email updates.

from Linda Swift

THANK YOU again for this correspondence. I am here in the Midwest with a 15 degree below zero wind chill factor but my heart is in Dana Point.

Hope to be able to return and work around that fabulous ocean again.

from Kirstin Mooney

Just wanted you to know that I’ve told everyone I know about what a great experience we had with you folks. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a couple hours at sea. I really hope to get back to see you again. Thank you so much!

from Amy Tyson

Hi Dave and Gisele:
Thanks for the updates. I have been on your trip several times and have taken family members and friends along, as well. We have all enjoyed the experience. I would like to order two DVDs…could you please respond via e-mail or phone with instructions for the transaction?

from MarySue Edwards

Thanks so much for keeping us informed of all the sightings! We are sending some friends to see you this holiday season. I have forwarded several of your emails to them and they contacted you guys and are excited about their upcoming trip! I would like to order a copy of the video and would really appreciate it if you could email me the form to order it asap so that I might get it in time to watch while my daughter is out of school over the holidays. We wish we could be there to see the parade of boats!!

from Michelle Hart

Let me just say that I was very happy with all aspects of the experience (on 8/30/04 at 9 AM). After an uneventful morning, we hit a mega-pod of common dolfins! All of the staff were polite and helpful each time I called. I have already sung your praises to many. I forward your email updates to my daughter and son-in-law who live in Laguna Niguel as they can easily take advantage of current happenings. I do intend to take another “tour”. Thank you.(And by the way, the brownies are delicious!)
August, 2004

from Joe Hines

My family and I spent a really great day with you in August spotting dolphins and we bought your DVD – which my girls watch often, now!

from Dave DeGroff

Way to go guys! We’ve been on your boat twice now and when I was at Proud Mary’s restaurant this morning and saw your video, I had to get it. It was worth the wait. I’m glad you guys did that. We went on the Ocean Institutes tour a month a go and didn’t see any blues so we’ll for sure catch you guys next season.Do you by any chance have season passes available?
Thanks again, keep it up.

from Denise

Everything is perfect and tons of fun. I can’t really think of anything that would make my trip more enjoyable.