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Looking for fun and educational activities for your children? Do you want to give the whole family an unforgettable adventure? Captain Dave’s Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari is the perfect activity for kids of all ages.

Dolphins and whales love kids! Really! We consider children to be our good luck charms. In the eyes of a dolphin, their calf is their most precious thing in the world. So dolphins are interested in babies of any species, and seem to be especially attracted to human children, just like we’re attracted to baby dolphins. Our year-round dolphin and whale watching safaris are perfect for family vacations or a weekend adventure, as well as larger children’s groups such as school trips, Scout troops, homeschools, summer camps, and more.

Captain Dave’s Whale Watching Safari offers the most unique whale watching boats in the world. Only on our high-tech catamaran sailboat Manute’a can you and your kids get eye to eye with dolphins and whales underwater without getting wet in our two exclusive Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods. When children are in the Underwater Viewing Pods we often see dolphins cluster around the Pod trying to get a look at the kids! It makes you wonder, who is watching who?

Both of Capt. Dave’s whale watching catamaran sailboats, Manute’a and DolphinSafari, are low to the water and feature our Eye-Spy Dolphin Tram Nets, giving kids the opportunity to get really up close and personal with dolphins, whales, sea lions, and other marine wildlife. Imagine being so close to a magnificent whale that you can hear it exhale and feel its breath on your face! And children LOVE it when the “splash zone” is on!

Of course, the cabin area offers a dry place to sit and relax with panoramic views of the surrounding water, coastline, and wildlife.

With our micro-museum of whale and dolphin artifacts and entertaining narration from our experienced naturalists, kids can see, touch, and learn how whales and dolphins live. Our underwater hydrophone on Manute’a allows passengers to hear the dolphins too. (Our original catamaran DolphinSafari does not have a hydrophone because it’s so low to the water that no amplification is needed to hear the animals.)

Safety is our first priority. And children are safe anywhere on the boat as long as you are with them. For their safety you must be in contact with them at all times. We do have life jackets for children (USCG approved horse-collar type PFDs) but they are not required to wear them. Kids love the playful and interactive dolphins but sometimes the younger ones grow impatient with whales (they can have a dive time of 10 minutes or more). We do our best to make the trip fun for children and you’re welcome to bring a snack or an activity to occupy them.

Learn more about our daily whale watching trips or give us a call at 949-488-2828.


[su_quote cite=”Annastar136″ url=””]I brought my 3 boys on the dolphin & whale watching trip and they LOVED it. (Ages 3, 4 & 11). They enjoyed sitting at the front out the boat on the netting pads right over the water and were giggling most of the way, enjoying the wind and speed. The crew included them, used their names and made them feel special. We saw lots of dolphins so close, and even an endangered hump back whale, who came up above the water about four times. The viewing pods were pretty neat to, to see the dolphins underwater. This crew has outstanding customer service and you can tell they love their job and want to be there. They are very knowledgeable too and I was impressed how good they were at finding the sea life for us to see. There was plenty of room for all to see on the boat. It was a beautiful day and everything was perfect =) also, Capt Daves book has amazing photos and info, a great souvenir to remember our adventure. Lastly, they took a photo of us which we purchased, but they added a collage including pictures of the whale and dolphins we saw during our trip, pretty cool to personalize it like that. They definitely went above and beyond in every way. I highly recommend them!!! Will post some photos…[/su_quote]