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We are nearing the middle point of the current gray whale migration and the sightings are not slowing down!

Gray Whale

Less than half way into the month and we’ve beat last February’s gray whale sightings (which were epic by previous standards) by a landslide!

We’re up 21% already from Feb. 2014 and up over 200% from Feb. 2013, and we still have fifteen days left in the month!


With over 1500 southbound gray whales counted, the American Cetacean Society’s Gray Whale Census Project broke their old southbound gray whale record set in 1986-1987. They have counted more southbound whales than in any other season for all of their 32 seasons!

The gray whales will be migrating past Dana Point through May and we have daily dolphin and whale watching safaris to see them. In addition to gray whales we are also seeing fin whales, humpback whales, minke whales, and even a rare (for February) blue whale! Learn more about all the different whales we see on our whale watching trips. Several different species of incredible dolphins are also seen right now including common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins, and pacific white-sided dolphins.

Only aboard our catamaran Manute’a can you be one of the pod and feel what it’s like to swim with dolphins underwater, without getting wet, in our Eye-to-Eye Underwater Viewing Pods.  Capt. Dave’s original catamaran is so close to the water that it’s like viewing dolphins and whales from a kayak. Both boats feature our Eye-Spy Dolphin Nets to give you a really up close encounter! Lily, our newest catamaran, offers luxury whale watching with a beautifully appointed cabin, climate-controlled pilothouse, shaded upper sundeck, and spacious bow, all with cushioned seating, as well as a fully equipped galley. The sundeck and bow both feature rails enclosed with Lexan® glass for wind protection.

Dana Point Festival of Whales Logo 2015 by Alec BradyOn March 7, 8, 14, and 15 we will be celebrating the gray whale migration with the annual Dana Point Festival of Whales.